As most parents will tell you, it’s hard to let go of our children. When God brings them into our lives, He also lays on us the responsibility of caring for them, teaching them the right things and giving them… Read More ›


  ORIGINALLY POSTED BY ATIMETOSHARE.ME BY KATHY BOECHER Kids – you’ve gotta love ’em.  It doesn’t take long for parents to realize that children have to be taught how to be good.  They aren’t naturally born to be the angelic… Read More ›


The role of the father is changing so much today. Now dads are often portrayed as bumbling idiots. Look at today’s advertising or sit-coms, for example. Moms are now the bread winners in many cases. Moms make the important decisions… Read More ›


The parenting role never changes. Once you become one, you are one for life. As your children grow and start new lives on their own, they may be gone, but certainly not forgotten. Their safety, their freedom from problems and… Read More ›


My dad passed away 34 years ago after a long struggle with lung Cancer. He lost so much weight during that battle that he looked like the young man that married my mom many years before. He was a hard… Read More ›


Wanted – man to fill the following requirements. Must have strong moral values; be willing to fill a management position; able to act as counselor, disciplinarian, validator, encourager, teacher, life coach, financial advisor/provider, and spiritual leader. Experience: None. Pay: None…. Read More ›