He Became Man and Dwelt Among Us

Once upon a time, there was a man who looked upon Christmas as a lot of humbug. He wasn’t a scrooge. He was a kind and decent person, generous to his family, upright in all his dealings with other men. But


A family of fellow Christians can be a wonderful source of strength and encouragement for us. Many times though, we aren’t even aware of the pain and suffering they are going through. We have all gotten wrapped up in our… Read More ›


This post was originally written for my sister’s birthday 10/24/14 and has been receiving a lot of interest lately, so I thought I’d repost it to show her the honor she deserves. A sister is a person you can love with… Read More ›


The parenting role never changes. Once you become one, you are one for life. As your children grow and start new lives on their own, they may be gone, but certainly not forgotten. Their safety, their freedom from problems and… Read More ›