As Gracious As God

I remember when I was still single.  I was quite bitter back then, and very angry!  Mostly because of the inequality I saw between the sexes in matters of the heart, and largely due to the atrocities I’d heard and… Read More ›

We Need Each Other

After enough failed relationships and a heart still soft and desirous of love, I knew I needed someone who knew how to love me.  Who knows how to be affectionate and sincere.  I needed someone who would resist my efforts to sabotage our relationship, because back then, I didn’t know how to be happy.


Posted by on 11/23/14 by Kathy Boecher    You hold my hand my heart goes all a flutter. Each time in our lives that you continue this simple yet intimate gesture. I feel safe – loved – comforted by… Read More ›

The Queen That I Am

I heard of a queen, whose palace was set on a hill, and adorned with jewels. Though surrounded by much wealth, she was discontent and desired elaborate displays of her riches and the receipt of expensive gifts. It was the… Read More ›