“GRACE” Please Do not allow me to get lost And wander away from You again I am so sick Cold Spent Restless Empty. Please Do not let them find me Hide me Under Your wings Cover me I take refuge… Read More ›

Contributor rules

Warning: Boring administrative stuff ahead. Since the blog now has contributors, I guess it needs rules so, here they are. 1.  While The Isaiah 53:5 Project is now a community of contributing Christian bloggers it still has one overall owner… Read More ›

Just a Thought

When we endure trials, we have a great opportunity to show the world that we are different and that we have a strength the world does not know

Because He Lives

Originally published in April 2015 Because He Lives Jesus Christ is alive! Buddha-Dead     Joseph Smith- Dead     Mohammed-Dead David Koresh-Dead     Krishna-Dead     Charles Taze Russell-Dead Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the… Read More ›