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I'm an ambassador for Christ, the husband of Michelle Klopper, my loving and supportive wife, and the father of three children, Annika, Olivia and Noah. I was born in South Africa and moved to Canada in 2000. I work as an industrial firefighter. My hobbies include hunting, bonsai trees and triathlon. I've recently discovered a passion for Christian Apologetics and answering life's questions from a Christian worldview.

  • Q: Was Jesus Created, If He Is Called The “Only Begotten Son”?

    The term “only begotten Son” appears multiple times in scripture and on the surface it looks as if Jesus was actually created by God the Father. Let’s take a quick look at this phrase to see what scripture reveals about it, as well as what it would have meant to the original hearers.

  • How Yesterday’s Coffee And A Life-Permitting Universe Point to God

    In this article I will introduce two independent arguments to believe that God does exist. First, I will briefly develop the Kalam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God. Secondly…

  • Is the Resurrection Miracle impossible?

    Is the Resurrection Miracle impossible? When discussing the case for the resurrection of Jesus an objection that attempts to undermine the entire collection of historical data presented is the objection regarding the impossibility of the supernatural or in this case… Read More ›

  • What About Slavery In The Bible?

    The argument can be summed up in this way, “does the bible endorse slavery? If so, isn’t that an indictment against God’s perfect moral character? Therefore, the God of the bible cannot both: endorse slavery and be moral.” Let’s see if the bible “endorses” slavery and what the bible means when using the term, “slavery.”

  • How Could God Command Abraham to Kill His Son?

    If Abraham had any doubts about God’s character he might have opted to wait a few days and contemplate the matter (wouldn’t you?). I find Abraham’s response as surprising as God’s request.

  • Does Our Direct Awareness Of Ethics Point Us To God?

    I want to consider, in this paper, whether our direct awareness of ethics points to God. We are all aware of our personal moral experience, as we intuitively react to our changing surroundings, to determine whether some action is good… Read More ›

  • Has The New Testament Been Corrupted?

    Hello everybody! I hope you enjoy this post about the reliability of the NT. Free illustrations for download, see details inside! Solid Rock Apologetics

  • Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God

    You may not feel that they are particularly valuable to you. You may be blessed with a vivid sense of God’s presence; and that is something for which to be profoundly grateful. But that does not mean you have no obligation to ponder these arguments.