Incarnational living is…

Incarnational living is such a key concept when it comes to being effective in evangelism. We must never allow reaching people with the gospel to become a task to be performed, rather it should be an involuntary response born from a heart of love for God and a world full of people who were created in His image! According to scripture, if we love God, we must truly love our neighbors. At the same time, if we ignore hurting people and only give lip service to reaching out, meeting needs, and verbally sharing Christ, regardless of our fears . . . do we really love God?

The problem may be that we are approaching the Great Commandment according to the teachings of the social gospel and cultural humanism! What do I mean? Well . . . secular society tells us that if we do not love ourselves first, we cannot truly care for others. According to the disciples of this approach, if we do not deify ourselves first, our lives will be out of balance. Unfortunately, many people in the church are buying into this lie!

The bottom line is that the world is watching us, all the time, wondering if we really care. Incarnational living is not limited to a location (Church Building) or merely one day per week (Sunday). Just as we must desperately love God every day, out of that overflow we must be intentional agents of compassion and truth wherever we go!

If the world only hears our words of truth, but never sees us washing feet and living lives of surrendered service, they will eventually conclude that both our truth and our lives are not genuine! Simply put, people will NOT believe the truth until they see His life and truth manifested through us as Christians! That is the heart of incarnational living!

At the end of the day, we must NEVER stop verbally proclaiming the truth of the gospel every day and everywhere we go! At the same time, we must also work just as hard at manifesting that truth through intentional lives of authentic service to our Lord and to others! It is NOT an either/or proposition, as Christians we must be committed to genuinely serve the unsaved and boldly share the gospel with the unsaved as we walk through life!

In short, we try to serve with the hope of sharing the gospel . . . we share with the hope of serving . . . one should naturally and intentionally lead to the other! And I know I sound like a broken record, but when you share the gospel, do not just talk about church or have a religious discussion . . . talk about the gospel of Jesus! He is our Savior, not church! Remember, merely inviting people to church or discussing life issues is NOT evangelism! We must share the gospel!

* I have been away from the blog for quote a while and, quite honestly, don’t miss it much as I have been abundantly blessed spending time with other things. Not sure when I will be back to regular posting but I wanted to get this out there because I think it’s an important message.

God bless,


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  1. I do think time is short so we better get with the program.

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  2. I missed you but understand. Blessings.


  3. Amen! “What’s in our hearts, comes out our mouths.” Let Jesus be known to all through our words & deeds!

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