Faith comes through hearing

In the book, Share Jesus Without Fear, you will learn that the Holy Spirt, not us, is in charge of convincing and convicting people we are sharing the Gospel with.

To see this for yourself, highlight the following verses in your Bible.

1. Roman’s 3:23

2. Roman’s 6:23

3. John 3:3

4. John 14:6

5. Romans 10:9-11

6. 2 Corrinthians 5:15

7. Revelation 3:20

Now have someone you are sharing with read each verse out loud then ask them, What does this say to you?”

If you ask that question they will be unable to say, “that’s just your interpretation” because they’ve done the reading and analysis on their own. The Holy Spirit, not you, is in charge and you are only in the page turning business with one goal, to stay out of God’s way.

Will this work 100 percent of the time? No, absolutely not. But sharing faith isn’t about you winning souls for the Kingdom but about you being obedient to the Great Commission.

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  1. Is the storm heaing your way?


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