The flab is disappearing and I am down at least one pant size

Even thought I have been crazy busy, I have been eating better and hitting the gym 3-5 times a week for the past month, which is the longest stretch since around Thanksgiving.

I don’t think I am quite where I want to be yet but I look much better than I did in this picture when I had to squeeze into size 36 pants. Now 34s are a tad loose which is something, I suppose, because I can’t even remember wearing anything smaller than that, not even in high school.

Anyway, here was the routine for today. Good news with this one is that it can be done easily without going to a gym. I did the whole thing in a hotel room with $20 worth of exercise bands.

By eating better, I haven’t done anything drastic, really, just reduced carbs, cut out soda and sugary snacks almost completely, started drinking a lot more water, and reduced portion sizes.

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