Thank God social media didn’t exist when I was in high school

Two interesting articles here and here. I understand that people don’t always click on links, I am guilty of not doing so myself sometimes, but if you didn’t read those articles in their entirety this post won’t make any sense at all so…

What bothers me about this story more than anything is that a kid is essentially getting a life sentence for something dumb he did when he was 16 (What 16 year old doesn’t do dumb stuff all the time?) and because his mainstream conservative political views are considered evil by people who have a substantial amount of power. And yes, this is political. Do you think liberal darling, David Hogg, who was also a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School would have had his Harvard acceptance rescinded if he committed sins against the god of progressivism when he was 16? Doubtful it would get even a mention anywhere outside the conservative blogosphere. As I understand it, Hogg didn’t have the academic chops to get into Harvard in the first place and was only accepted because his political ideology is “right and proper” so…

Anyway. Sure, the person who compared Kashuv to a would be school shooter and said his background should be given a closer look before he is allowed access to a gun said he deserves redemption but, in the mind of liberals, does he really?

No. According to liberals, he is beneath contempt and beyond redemption because he has not put his full faith and trust in liberal dogma.

Don’t believe me? Look no further than the Twitter Mafia who has a zeal that far surpasses that of even the most enthusiastic evangelist. They are out for blood, all the time.

Look how the liberal mob who, like angry hornets, swarmed around an Arkansas court employee who took a stand against signing same sex marriage licenses because she believed her Christian faith forbade it?

Look at the vigor with which the same mob went after the Covington Shool kids who had done nothing wrong. Do you think any member of the mob cared one iota if these kids were denied college admission? Think they cared one bit if every potential employer they ever had were made fully aware of their egregious crimes and their resumes were subsequently shredded solely because of them?

Look at how they went two decades back in time to fabricate myths about Brett Kavanaugh. Think there would have been even one once of concern if this man went from Supreme Court nominee to homeless and destitute because he refused to sacrifice his soul on the altar of liberal dogma?

Look at Oberlin College?

Look at the bakers who wouldn’t shun their Bronze Age dogma and willingly submit to the mandates of the high priests of pop culture religion. Think the mob’s goal wasn’t absolute destruction?

I could go on…

Redemption? No, not a chance for those who have been declared guilty of capital thought crimes. I am reminded of the “precision in speech” rebukes from The Giver and I imagine that is the kind of world our liberal elite overlords, their dutiful functionaries, and their useful idiots ultimately desire.

More than anything right now I wish I could rightfully be accused of being overly dramatic or using hyperbole to make a point but I don’t think I am doing either and here’s why.

Because progressive theology doesn’t understand redemption the way Jesus taught it at all. In fact, the only bit of Christianity they do fully understand is that what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.

Ya see, the young man in the articles didn’t simply lack wisdom and therefore did something dumb and regretable because of it but, instead used words that revealed that he is a defiled stain on humanity who is beyond hope.

Even though he has apologized profusely do you think Harvard will reconsider? Do you think the bought and paid for Democrat Party stooge who said, “just to be on the safe side we better ensure this would be mass murderer is never able to have access to a gun” will go back on State TV and accept this young man’s apology?

Anyway, I said all that to say that back in high school my friends, many of whom are very very liberal now, and I said horribly racist things nearly daily. I won’t go in to too much detail but we had a drinking game that involved racial slurs and commonly referred to a road where mostly black people lived as Porch Monkey Parkway.

I, like many people my age, like to scratch my head in disbelief when we learn that some young person not only said something unconscionable but didn’t have the sense to keep it off of social media. Well I have thought about this the last couple days and I can say with confidence one of our drinking games would have been on Facebook Live if we had it back then and I am certain every single one of my now very liberal friends would agree.

But why did we behave the way we did? Were we horrible racists? Were we irredeemable garbage humans who were unworthy of hope and a future? Were we potential mass murderers who should have been kept far far away from weapons to protect society? No. What we were, instead, were dumb kids who, get this, do dumb things.

Am I proud of my behavior? No. Would I lose my mind if one of my own kids did the same thing? Yes.

Do I demand a system of justice that throws every single book it can get its hands on at every person who is guilty only of imprecise speech? No but that’s only because I understand true biblical redemption and see the good in people, even those who have made regrettable mistakes.

*To clarify, “just to be on the safe side we better ensure this would be mass murderer is never able to have access to a gun” is a paraphrase, not a direct quote. I changed the words slightly but the meaning is, I think, identical.

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  1. The problem here is so one sided.

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  2. Those who scream out for tolerance, ironically are the most intolerant of all people… they are tyrants and bullies who will stop at nothing to get everyone on their “tolerant” side (Provided that you’re intolerant of what they despise).

    Liberals used to make some sort of sense, now they’re so extreme for their own cause that they make liberals of 20 years ago look like conservatives!

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  3. Paraphrasing is ok. I do this too, because sometimes this is the way I see it. TY

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