Another brand guilty of disingenuous behavior

I am trying to get back into publishing more fitness posts on the blog so when I ran across this, I thought it was worth a share. Not purely a fitness post but fitness-ish with an added bit of philosophy I found exceptionally insightful.

Tanya Gold, a well-respected writer, recently criticized Nike for promoting unhealthy body images. The sports behemoths are currently using mannequins, or, as Gold accurately labeled them, ‘fattequins,’ to advertise plus sized clothing. As Libby Emmons wrote, Gold received “an extra serving of inbox hate for being ‘fatphobic’, and a side order of online death threats with extra malice… and all for speaking the truth about encouraging women to maintain a dangerous weight and buy into unhealthy beauty standards.”

Clearly unenthused by Gold’s writing, Tony Posnanski, a powerlifter and Mixed Martial Arts fighter, tweeted ‘Go fuck yourself, Tanya Gold.’ And who said that chivalry is dead?

For stating the obvious, Gold received an inordinate amount of criticism on social media. Progressive outlets like Refinery29, HuffPost (predictably) Peopleand Glamour all attempted to assassinate Gold’s character and credibility. Instead of lauding Gold for her honest concern that Nike was promoting a worrying health standard, these outlets accused her of fat-shaming.

I don’t care about Nike or how they conduct their business so if they want to have Spandex clad plus-sized mannequins in their stores, I won’t complain. It is however, an obviously disingenuous attempt to appear woke and I like how this article uses 20th century French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre to help make that case.

Now I could play devil’s advocate here and say that Nike has; 1. Acknowledged that plus-sized people exist and may wear their apparel. 2. Adjusted their marketing strategy accordingly to suit the previously overlooked plus-sized market. But, I think that would be a tad too charitable, especially in an age where companies seem to go out of their way to declare how woke they are, even if they have to take liberties with the truth to do so.

Or, as the article concludes, “Show me a brand with a genuine moral conscience, and I’ll show you a carefully crafted lie disguised as truth.

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  1. Well….heavy people do need clothes and maybe it will encourage them to actually work out. But….

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  2. Yep. Obesity can lead to death.


  3. So true: ““Show me a brand with a genuine moral conscience, and I’ll show you a carefully crafted lie disguised as truth.“”


  4. We are living in the age where people don’t just want to hear what they want to hear… They want you to say what they want to hear. And if you don’t, well you get what this writer got.

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