What’s the ingredients in this thing, I know there’s cocaine in here somewhere

OK, he’s a tad over the top but this is funny 🙂

What I find most interesting about stuff like this are the comments from people who love their burger joint and think burgers from everywhere else are hot garbage they wouldn’t feed to their dog.

Not going to lie, I love me some Whataburger but, most probably, because they have them where I live and there is one that is convenient to almost everything I do in town.

That being said, a group of friends and I went to Dallas a couple weekends ago and I took them all to the In-Ou-Burger in Grapevine because none of them had ever had it before. And, get this, every single one of the people who grew up on Whataburger loved it because it is objectively good. I wouldn’t say better because I am loyal to my fave but very good nonetheless.

Which makes me wonder why people seem to have a felt need to weigh in with negativity about nearly everything they see online.

I see this all the time on the Facebook pages for Whataburger, Chick-fil-A, Freddy’s, Culver’s…

You don’t like the food at a particular place? Good for you, don’t eat there. Seems simple enough.

Also, don’t follow their Facebook page (I mean, I don’t follow Burger King’s Facebook page) and stop laboring under the absurd notion that your, “I ate there once and it tasted like balls” comment is meaningful to anyone but you.

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  1. Well I have never had a whataburger probably because they aren’t around here but I will cetainly get one if given the chance. This guy is crazy for sure.

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  2. Well, obviously more education would allow you to be released from the grasp of Whataburger indoctrination.

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    • Doubtful. I’m pretty sure I would ignore the evidence so I could remain secure in my nutty beliefs.

      Also. I remembered you saying once that you weren’t a big fan of God’s burgers a while back when I was writing this. Maybe you’ll change when you find out the only restaurants in Heaven are Whataburgers. Oh, and most likely a place to get fried chicken since the majority of the population are Southern Baptist:)

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