If you will learn to spend one hour a day with God, there is no telling what God may choose to do with you

This is well worth your time.

One of the most defining moments in my life occurred late one evening in a restaurant. I was having dinner with my friend and his father, a pastor whom I admired deeply.

As I listened to this man share his wisdom with us, I was even more encouraged to go deeper with God. Before we left the restaurant, I was eager to ask him how to be a godly minister, so I asked him something like, “Sir, if there is one thing we need to know as young preachers, what is it?”

His penetrating eyes looked into mine, and he said, “Ronnie, if you will learn to spend one hour a day with God, there is no telling what God may choose to do with you.”

I didn’t have any better sense than to take him at his word. Since that day in 1975, I have honored his challenge to me — and it has changed my life.

What is prayer, you may be asking?

Prayer is a relationship, a fellowship that occurs between you and God. Prayer is the vehicle that takes you into the privilege of experiencing fellowship with God.

How do you talk to God in a genuine and transparent way? While everybody may have their own way of communicating with God, here are four principles that have helped me in my prayer life and can help you as well.

I have never had a problem spending an hour or more a day at the gym, talking to coworkers, watching TV, writing blog posts, surfing the net, tinkering around the house…but where I consistently fall short is spending an hour a day with God.

I start the day with a devotional and I do pray but rarely does all my “God time” add up to more than, and I think I am being charitable here, more than maybe 15 minutes or so.

There is nothing in Scripture that says we must spend a specific amount of time in prayer but, from now on, I am going to set my goal at one hour.

So, will I one day be able to tell a young pastor that if they learn to spend one hour a day with God, there is no telling what God may choose to do with them? Possibly, I don’t know.

But I can’t see a downside.

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  1. ONLY GOD! I just spent a little over an hour listening to a video from Mike Gendron that my brother in Jesus -Tom over at excatholics4christ -shared and I thought I spend an hour a day doing this and that -I NEED AN HOUR A DAY WITH GOD EVERYDAY! Not JUST a minute hear or there (though that helps me tremendously!) BUT A FULL HOUR!
    Then I come across your post this a.m.
    Yes!!!!! Lord!!! Only YOU Could’ve been the one to use a fellow brother/sister in Christ Jesus to solidify that thought process o just had!!! 🙏🏻💕

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  2. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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  3. Can’t go wrong with it.


  4. Reblogged this on crosssectionmusic and commented:
    Isn’t it worth your time?


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