Hey James, why aren’t you trying to shut down these super influential and high profile Christian bigots?

Yesterday an anti-theist who has been commenting like a champ on this blog for years asked me why I haven’t done anything to shut down this highly regarded group of Christian thought leaders and influencers who absolutely, positively, without question preach biblical Christianity exactly the way Jesus would.

A group of far-right pastors who have previously called for the execution of gay people plan to host a “Make America Straight Again” three-day conference this week.
Patrick Boyle of the Revival Baptist Church, which is located in a rundown storefront at a Clermont strip mall, says the event will kick off Friday, June 14, just days after the three-year anniversary of 49 people getting gunned down at the gay nightclub Pulse.

As I told him, the mission and purpose of this blog is not, and never has been, to attempt to shut down every nut job on the planet. And why would it be when such a goal seems monumentally stupid?

Also, it wasn’t on my radar. In fact, if another commenter didn’t mention it to me I wouldn’t have even known about the church, their pastor, or the conference at all. Simply put, they are not, as my friend believes, high profile in any sense of the term. Granted I don’t live online like a lot of bloggers and that may have put me at an “in the know” disadvantage but, still, this is not news that very many people care about because, get this, most sane, sensible, and reasonable people who may have run across stories about this know that the Make America Straight Again Conference is an ill conceived stunt to get attention, and giving it attention it and its organizers don’t deserve doesn’t make much sense.

And, also get this, nearly all thinking people know that the views of the run down store front church pastor DO NOT represent biblical Christianity as it is understood by almost everyone. In other words, this is not the beginnings of what will be a massive anti-gay awakening in the church everyone outside the church should fear.

When I lived in West Texas years ago a local man cut off his right hand and burned it on his barbecue grill because it says to do just that in Matthew 5:30. The verse doesn’t say anything about cooking appendages so maybe he thought he was going above and beyond.

Anyway, almost no one cared because mentally unwell and/or evil people have been doing insane and blatantly unbiblical things in the name of God forever and it will continue until Jesus returns. Sure, these stories are worth mentioning, I suppose, because we live in a society where shocking train wrecks get clicks and make money. What is not worth mentioning about these stories however, is the non-existent link between the behaviors of the deranged and what the Bible actually teaches. And it is that non-existent link that has my friend’s panties in a bunch [emphasis added].

More of that Christian love: This weekend ultra-conservative Baptists will be hosting a “Make America Straight Again” conference calling for the public execution of LGBT people.The conference is being held to coincide with the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that left dozens dead and many more injured.

These hateful and despicable people should be charged with whatever is possible through the law, locked up in a real prison for enough time so that they can be bought back into painful reality by the prisioners and sent to psychiatrists. The police need to keep a careful eye on these people, we all know how radical religious nuts can act in the name of their delusional gods.

See what he did there?

First, and expectedly because most anti-theists focus on a few loons to make a case against the harmless, well-meaning, law-abiding, and objectively not insane masses, he called these people “ultra-conservative Baptists” making it abundantly clear he makes no distinction between the run down store front pastor and ALL mainstream Baptists which is profoundly ignorant and blatantly dishonest.

Think about that for a minute. If Make America Straight Again Conferences were something ultra-conservative Baptists resoundingly endorsed, wouldn’t they be held in nearly every city in America nearly every weekend? Wouldn’t hundreds, if not thousands, of actual prominent pastors be chattering about this non-stop?

I just checked the church’s Facebook page for any info about this gathering and found nothing except one video about it by the pastor that has been viewed a whopping 244 times and has an astonishing 33 comments. Wow! I could be wrong because I didn’t do a lot of digging but there didn’t seem to be an event page with an agenda and thousands of people signed up. Shouldn’t there be something like that if this were a big deal? Anyway, the Facebook page that barely over 600 people ( seems light for a prominent church) follow is proof of how seriously nearly everyone is taking the run down store front pastor, his church, and his nutty conference.

Second, I wonder what my friend means by, “locked up in a real prison for enough time so that they can be bought back into painful reality by the prisioners.” Would I be reading too much into that statement to assume my friend is a supporter of “prison justice” that we all know often involves rape and beatings for people who are convicted of thought crimes? Does he think mentally unwell people should be locked up, raped, and beaten until they learn to think proper thoughts? If so, it would seem he is no better than the run down store front pastor.

Now, am I going to comment on the run down store front pastor? No, except to say that I DO NOT endorse him, his church, or his conference AT ALL. Other than that, he isn’t worth my time and shouldn’t be worth anyone’s.

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  1. Oh no. Right after I read and liked this post, I clicked on CNN (dot) com just to see what’s happening in the news — and there, on the top left of the page, is a story about this nut job preacher. The headline reads “Preacher-cop calls for executing LGBTQ people.”

    I really don’t like that he is getting all this free publicity. What a sad and broken world we live in.

    And yes, “prison justice” is just as evil.


    • This person is actually different from the pastor I mentioned in the post who has gotten, as far as I can tell, no national media coverage.

      The only reason CNN mentioned it is because it fits the narrative that Christians are gay hating bigots. You are right, though, the attention is not deserved.

      Yeah, the prison justice comment really bothered me. Literally mindblowing that someone who claims to be a social justice warrior is actually forcefully advocating for rape and beatings as rehabilitative tools.

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    • There wasn’t much to see Wally. Two comments from our good friend Steve and one post on his blog that quoted me. Oh well, I’m over it now


      • Yeah, I found it. Typical.

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        • Yes. And they all wonder why they are banned.

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          • It cracks me up how they constantly want Christians to shut up, but then rebuke is for not speaking out on issues they identify as important. That same blogger constantly says we ought not to be involved in politics or influience politics, but has rebuked me for not speaking out about gun control. Yet more proof of the sheer stupidity of the militant atheist.

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            • Great points Wally.

              What struck me the most here is that our friend is an enthusiastic supporter of prison justice as a rehabilitative tool for people who think differently than he does.

              If I were to say atheists should be raped and beaten in prison until they change their minds, atheists would come unglued.

              Sign of the times we live in Wally. People dehumanize their enemies to the point it really doesn’t matter what happens to them. Happens a lot in politics too. I would be willing to bet there are an awful lot of people who would have no problem rounding up Trump supporters and locking them up with us horrible Christians.

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  2. I think your ‘friend’ needs help. Ty for the truth.:)

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  3. Very good James feeding words into my mouth.

    Prisons, restaurants, meetings or football matches, if you insult people in your vicinity who take it as a personal insult they will likely punish you somehow and it would be seen as inciting violence. I never suggested how, but I can guess it would be painful, either through words or actions. Imagine if you were sitting in a restaurant James and someone declared that all Christian men are paedophiles and should be killed would you just sit there, say nothing and pray for the fool?


    • Feeding words into your mouth? Hardly. Perhaps you can clarify, so there is no misunderstanding, what you mean by this. It’s an exact quote from your blog, btw.

      “These hateful and despicable people should be charged with whatever is possible through the law, locked up in a real prison for enough time so that they can be bought back into painful reality by the prisioners and sent to psychiatrists.”

      For the record, I have been hearing things that are as bad as “all Christian men are pedophiles and should be killed” countless times over the last 20 years and, at no time, have I ever hoped for prison justice for the offending speaker. I’ve been called a pedophile to my face, Steve. I’ve been told I was no different than ISIS. I’ve been told to drink poison and shoot myself in the head. I’ve been told that I delight in people shooting up abortion clinics. I’ve been told I support genocide and rape…and on and on. And, 100 percent of the time, I consider the source, pray for the person who insulted me, and move on without painful physical retaliation because, guess what, that’s what the Bible teaches.

      You see, Steve, freedom of speech means you have to allow people to say what you don’t like to hear, what offends you, and what hurts your feelings.

      I don’t like what this church stands for or the conference they are planning either but I would never, in a million years, suggest they be rounded up, locked up so they get a good dose of prison justice, then sent to a shrink for reprogramming.

      Now, please clarify your quote or I will keep assuming you believe that people who are guilty of thoughts you deem improper deserve to be raped and beaten in prison.


  4. Seems the world wants to promote the whackos as an opportunity to slander Christ but when we Christians don’t know every single whacky nut to call out, we’re now assume guilty before proven innocent…


    • That’s exactly right, Jim.

      In the case of this pastor and his MASA Conference, I suspect he is the way he is for the shock value and attention it gets him. Granted, the attention isn’t much because almost no one takes him seriously but that is likely his motivation.

      My church has ~ 200 members and we preach the Word, we serve in the community…but, basically we just blend in and that is rather boring.

      I think, sadly, that pastors are beginning to learn that they have to be a bit over the top in order to get noticed and over the top usually means saying, doing, and believing things that are not biblical.

      I also think they want to be called out by fellow Christians because it emboldens them. Ignore this guy and he will go away most likely.

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