What a sad and lonely life

What kind of sad and lonely life must people who feel compelled to roll out of bed, troll blogs of those they disagree with, quote mine said blogs, and single out the authors for scorn and ridicule be living?

To hear them tell it, they are doing the work of dedicated and noble social justice warriors who have been tasked from on high (that was a figure of speech, most of the offenders are godless) to wage a war on thought crimes.
But in reality all they are doing is ejaculating mindless hatred on those who disagree with them to score points with their like minded internet pals and making themselves and their pals look like raging lunatics in the process.

Dear fellow Christians. You know who these people are, avoid them at all cost or you will end up looking as foolish as they do.

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  1. I totally agree with you about the hatred produced by the ones who seek anything else but light…You said it beautifully in your post, I only wanted to add: avoid them, but keep them in your prayers. May they discover love and kindness as our universal languages as Christians! Many blessings and thank you for this post, it’s exactly what I needed to read! 🙏😇

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  2. Amen! I had even Christians attack me recently; not because I was doctrinally wrong, but simply because they disagreed with me. And they claimed their authority to do so by saying they are called of God to be ‘watchmen’. All the while they violated every principle of confrontation between Christians given in the Bible in their manner of ‘rebuking’ me.

    But God is my Judge.. and yours.. and theirs. This is comforting to me. Keep preaching the truth, brother.

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  3. “to wage a war on thought crimes.”
    “But in reality all they are doing is ejaculating mindless hatred on those who disagree with them to score points with their like minded internet pals”
    Wrong James, in most cases unbelievers of gods and supernatural occurrences are standing up for human rights.
    You may have a right to believe whatever you like, however when an ideology is preached as factual to indoctrinate young children or used to project what is often hateful comments against particular groups of people, used to influence political ideals and remove scientific facts from education systems it becomes very messy. The general view by unbelievers is that religions are too demanding and pushy and this where atheists need to step up and challenge everything theists believe and do in the name of a god that exists solely in your mind.
    It is basically no different to what you do with your Website and your work in the church that is designed for intellectual religious manipulation. Many theists have this fanatical belief that they need to spread the word of their god and convert as many people as possible.
    This may have worked well in the Bronze Age when gods were plenty and scientific knowledge and education was limited, however not today.


    • Steve,
      You and your pals single out small time Christian bloggers and make fun of them because it entertains you.
      To believe this is activism in any sense of the word is beyond delusional.
      Also, one read through of some of your blog posts (I encourage any of my readers to see for themselves) should lead any rational thinking person to conclude that you are profoundly ignorant and unserious.


      • If this is how this blogger describes himself then he has no hope of being taken seriously by anyone with two brain cells to rub together.
        I did click over to his blog and I would say that “profoundly ignorant and unserious” is far too charitable IMHO.
        By the way, he recently put a post up about a very small and insignificant group of fringe Christians who seem to be about as right in the head as the Westboro Baptists and a Make America Straight Again Conference that is supposedly taking place this weekend in Orlando. What’s worse is that he said in a comment that your blog was the motivation for his post. So, in a way, he is trying, without outright saying as much, that your views are not that much unlike the MASA Christians whose beliefs are well outside mainstream Christianity as it is understood by almost everyone.
        I just searched for the MASA Conference and it seems to be that the only buzz about it at all is from extremely biased sources who are trying their darndest to say “those hateful and totally mainstream Christian bigots are at it again.” The reason, obiously, is that the event has no webpage and only a Facbook event page with out any specifics and barely over a dozen potential attendees. So, wouldnt one logically deduce that this event is only planned, such as it is, by attention seeking whackos who are just trying to get attention?
        Over the years I have seen that typical online atheist behavior is exactly as you describe it; picking out some small fish bloggers and making fun of them for kicks while believing they are engaging in some sort of “greater good actisim” to shut down hate.
        If I were you, I would ask your retarded friend to prove that he has engaged in any letigimate activism that consists of anything other than jerking off on a keybiord and making hiself look like a retard.
        They claim to want to shut down religion because it sucks and stuff but what genius thinks being omnipresent in the forums of Christian bloggers almost no one has ever heard of is a good way to get that done?
        Not saying no one has heard of your blog but even if a slew of atheist jack asses were to bully you into shutting down, what effect would that have on your faith writ large? None. That’s precisely how much. None.
        Just as it is with politics, people need a sense of community and many find it online with the like minded. They comment, get attention, form connectios with people they beiieve are friends, and viola, a need is fulfilled. Too bad this need is more often than not fulfilled within groups of shut-ins who lead sad and unfulfilled lives out in the real world.

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        • Wow Mark, you spent way more time on this person than anyone should have. Truth be told I normally spam his many many comments before they see the light of day and get on with my life without giving him a second though. Could be a WP glitch or something but every now and then one gets through…

          As far as what he wrote on his blog. I don’t care, even a little.


          • Sorry to hurt your feelings Christians. If these whacko’s are a fringe Christian group why do you not give them a hard time and close them down? Why are they high profile and why are you being judged by them? They call themselves Christians, why is this, can you real Christians not do something about it? The same happened to the Islamic Muslims the few fanatical Muslims sullied the name of peaceful Muslims. Look what happens when you do nothing.


            • Steve,
              Kinda refreshing that, for the first time in the years you have been commenting on this blog, you have finally left a somewhat reasonable comment.
              As far as my feelings go. Since I have had this blog I have received death threats, been told I should drink poison and shoot myself in the head, been called a domestic terrorist, been told I am likely to shoot up an abortion clinic, been told I am like ISIS on paved streets, been told I should be turned in to social services so my kids could be taken away, and had every profane word in the English language hurled at me more times than I can count. So, no, you are not hurting my feelings by any stretch of the imagination.
              So, why don’t I give this fringe group of nutjobs a hard time and shut them down? Two reasons.
              1. Until Mark commented yesterday I didn’t even know they (despite what you say, they are not high profile) or their MASA Conference existed. Doubtful many who don’t troll the internet looking for fringe kooks so they can dishonestly use the actions of a few to make a case against Christianity as a whole have heard of them.
              2. Giving every nutjob on the planet a hard time to shut them down is neither what I enjoy doing nor my responsibility. The purpose of this blog is evangelism and an occasional post about fitness with a bit of politics mixed in, not shutting down groups, no matter how repulsive they are.
              Read number two again, Steve, and understand this. The vast majority of online SJWs DO NOT speak out against what/who they disagree with to shut anyone down but, instead, to make larger points and enrage like-minded people. Case in point. Dig through all the articles you can find about the MASA Conference and let me know how many of them are constructive in nature and written to contrast how genuine Christians are to behave with how a fringe group of haters who have twisted and perverted what the Bible teaches to the point that their faith is unrecognizable. Then let me know how many of them were written as if they are trying to make the case that this is typical behavior from Christian bigots who deserve nothing but mockery, scorn, and hatred. I know you lack the ability to pick up on nuance and are completely lacking in objectivity so you won’t be able to see that nearly all of the articles are in the latter category but, I had to throw that out there.
              You said: “They call themselves real Christians, why?”
              The Westboro Baptists called themselves real Christians and so did David Koresh. Mormons and Catholics call themselves real Christians too. People believe they can be pro-choice and pro homosexuality and be Christians. People believe they can be Christians and not believe in the reality of eternal damnation. People believe they can be Christians without the need to repent of any of their sins. People believe they can be Christians and simply believe that Jesus is a good philosopher….the list goes on. People behaving badly is a people problem NOT a God, Bible, Christianity problem.
              I said all that to say that people believe all kinds of things and I really don’t know why, exactly. The only thing I can really do here is repeat what is said in Scripture. “There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.” (Proverbs 14:12)
              You said: “Can real Christians do something about it?”
              While I wish I could sometimes, I understand that there really isn’t anything real Christians can do. Thinking I can change these people, and those who are like them, would be as foolish as thinking I can change you and your internet pals. I can evangelize and sow seeds but, ultimately, God is the agent of change and the hearts of the MASA Conference people will remain as hard as they are until God decides to work in them. Will this happen? Hopefully but I don’t and can’t know.
              To your last point about people like me doing nothing and a few rouge Muslims sullying an entire faith system.
              I evangelize, preach, teach, minister to the lost, marginalized, and downtrodden, give abundantly to charity, and spend hours of my time working with ministries that were founded to help people which is hardly nothing.
              Is me saying nothing on my blog about these few little known and not at all influential “Christians” going to sully Christianity? Nope, not at all. They will make some noise, get some attention, and then fade away into obscurity like the Westboro Baptists and the Koran burning pastor from Florida did and Christianity will continue to thrive.
              Now, and for the record, I DO NOT endorse this group of supposed Christians or their teaching about homosexuality or their disgusting behavior even in the least and you even alluding to the fact that I did/do/may/might even in a roundabout sense is insulting and libelous.
              Exit question: Instead of going about this in the intellectually dishonest and shady way you did, why didn’t you share a link with me, ask me my thoughts as an ordained minister, and ask me to do my part to speak out?
              I’ll answer. Because refering to me so you and your pals can mock and ridicule, not positive change, is and always has been your intent, just as I have been saying.


              • It is not one way traffic James, you all have mocked atheists, and we have mocked back, it seems pretty even to me.


                • Does it seem even, Steve? Point me to one place where I have outright insulted an atheist or wished them harm. Quite a few Christians do this type of thing but I am not one of them.
                  I used to entertain atheists on this blog daily but for the past two tears or so I very rarely engage them or even mention them. I don’t read or comment on their blogs and I steer clear of them in the comment sections of Christian blogs I read. In fact, I unfollowed quite a few Christian blogs who have authors who engage with atheists too often because I find the exchanges they seem to love maddening.
                  Also, why did you not clarify your quote?


                  • The MASA Conference I directed to your website was an attempt to get you to realise that you should be attacking (with words) these so called Christians.
                    Atheists are not your real enemy or as evil as those kind of nuts are, because as you have understood you will get judged by what the few represent.
                    I do not want to spend heaps of time finding comments about myself and atheists from you and your sidekick Wally. To deny that you have negatively commented on my posts, the comments I write and my intellect in a mocking fashion would not be truthful. I do not care anyway, and you will find I have not called you names or sworn on your site because I like to keep dialog open. Unfortunately however you do not like me challenging your beliefs and regulate some of my comments, possibly because it makes you think about them.
                    If I had asked you to share a link with me you would have regulated me, by doing it the way I have done by posting it on my own site and connecting you and them with Christianity has got a reaction and maybe it will motivate some people to keep an eye on these ugly and mentally deranged people.


                    • 1. You care quite a bit, that is on objective reality based on the fact that you have been commenting on my blog regularly (despite being heavily moderated) for over two years. If you did NOT care, you would leave me alone which, I’m quite certain, would improve the quality of both of our lives.
                      2. Who said I should be attacking the MASA Conference people and why am I beholden to their rules? Are you my editor now? Should I run all my blog post ideas through you for approval? Should I sit patiently by my email waiting for my next assignment from the Christian blog boss? Come on dude, you are being ridiculous. And, as I explained, correcting other Christians, no matter how awful they are, is NOT something I do on this blog. Other people can do this if they want but it isn’t my thing. Besides, I think the MASA conference are being shocking on purpose to get attention they don’t deserve. Why should I give it to them? I think I mentioned this before but I have neither the time nor the desire to shut down every nutjob on the internet. SO, I guess, all we really have here is the fact that our priorities don’t line up but that isn’t surprising since we agree on next to nothing.
                      3. Your time is yours, Steve you can spend it on whatever makes you happy, I don’t really care.
                      4. Not being in complete agreement with you does not equal mocking you precious little snowflake. Besides, if you want to challenge people the moral and intellectual high ground you believe you stand on then you can expect some pushback. You need to learn to deal with that without crying so much. OK, that was a tad mocking but, meh, I’m not perfect.
                      5. YOU DO NOT CHALLENGE ME, Steve, I do not know how I can make that more clear. I have been doing this for 20 years and have heard every atheist argument that exists countless times and I am not challenged or intimidated by any of them and never have been. I don’t let you and your pals comment here because the conversations are never ending and pointless. Last thing I want is to wake up every morning to 300 paragraphs of arguments that anyone can answer using Google. I know you won’t but go back on the blog and see for yourself how it was when I entertained Ark, Zande, and the others. I used to enjoy it but no longer do for two reason. 1. Repeating the same thing over and over yet expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. 2. I don’t have time. You may not know this about me but I have a wife and kids, I am a bi-vocational pastor, I am involved in a few ministries, I am in seminary, and I have a part-time job shooting professional fireworks shows. Long story short here is that I don’t live online like most of my atheist friends do, nor do I want to.
                      Also, I am 51 and have been a Christian for more than 20 years, I am ordained, and I am working on a Master’s degree at a seminary right now. Granted I’m not a noted Christian thinker, great Bible scholar, or well known theologian but I am leaps and bounds beyond a common lay-Christian who would be easy prey for a dime-a-dozen internet atheist.
                      6. This is out of order but atheists are NOT my enemy and I never said they were. Although I sometimes mention atheists in a post, I do so far more infrequently than quite a few other bloggers do because, quite frankly, they don’t interest me that much. Sorry, but I’m just not that into you. You could go back more than two years but I was different then and have changed.
                      7. As I said, if you would have sent me a link to an article about the MASA people, and asked me what I thought I may have told you. You are commenting here now, aren’t you?
                      8. Posting about them on your site and linking me to them is precisely my problem with this whole mess, Steve. When you read about these horrible people, what made you think of me when we are objectively nothing alike? Why didn’t you do the same for any other blogger? Can you show me links to any other Christian blog where you asked for anyone else’s thoughts? Why me? You got a reaction? Come on dude, your blog has 14 followers and the post in question has two likes and five comment, two of which are yours. If you think you are making an impact, I seriously suggest you reevaluate what exactly that means. Did you need to refer to me to boost your “influence” because I’m awesome, and popular, and people love me?
                      9. When are you going to clarify your comment about your love of prison justice, Steve?


                    • “Did you need to refer to me to boost your “influence” because I’m awesome, and popular, and people love me?”
                      Of course James, did you doubt my reasoning?
                      “When are you going to clarify your comment about your love of prison justice, Steve?”
                      I wrote this in answer a couple of days ago but must have got lost in blog land.
                      Prisons, restaurants, meetings or football matches etc, if you insult people on purpose with the intent to hurt them they will likely punish you somehow and the bigoted insults would be seen by most normal people and even the law as inciting violence. I never suggested what the punishment should be, that only exists in your own imagination, but I can guess it would be painful, either way.
                      Imagine if you were sitting in a restaurant James and someone stood up and declared loudly to all that all Christian’s are dirty infidel pigs or call all the black people in the restaurant to be witches and devils and all deserve be killed, apart from calling the police could you just sit there, say or do nothing and just pray for these fools?
                      I note your pyrotechnic involvement; I was a government civilian explosives inspector for over 17 years involving work with pyrotechnics, ammunition and high explosives. Of course that was over 10 years ago now, but It is an interesting field to be in and I imagine you enjoy it.


                    • My apologies, Steve. Now that I see this comment again, I do remember it. Also remember replying but I see no need to do that again.

                      Explosives inspector? Sounds like interesting work to me. I worked on explosives (bombs and missiles mostly) when I was in the military so pyrotechnics is kind of natural to me.

                      I have a friend who owns a company that does display fireworks shows and close proximity pyro at weddings and other events. One day I asked him if he needed any help because I thought what he did was cool. He did, I helped…now I have a license and shoot probably 50 display shows or weddings a year. I get paid but mostly I do it because I enjoy it and it makes people happy.


        • Well mate, so I jerk off and am a retard. What is your excuse ?


          • That wasn’t my comment, Steve. I did not use nor do I endorse those words.


            • I know that James, I also do not use or endorse such comments.


              • You pal around with other bloggers who are very rude and crude which, to me anyway, means you are not entirely put off by such behavior unless it is directed at you.

                The company you keep, Steve. Not sure how the saying goes exactly but you get my meaning I’m sure.

                Anyway, no one should use or endorse such comments. Profanity and insulting behavior immediately costs a person major credibility points in my mind.


                • Everyone expresses themselves James, some without control. I only pulled up your commenter Mark Z to emphasise that you had condoned his rude comments on your site by answering his comment but not criticising them. Regardless, I am quite used to his kind of friendly Christian language and I recon you should check out the company you keep, and I wonder what God would say to you both?

                  And I must thank you for advertising my site, any exposure is good exposure. I do hope a lot of Christians visit. I will be posting new material so drop on by when you can.

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                  • I replied to his comment without mentioning his rudeness which could have been understood as condoning it but I assure you that is not the case.
                    If you get this behavior often, part of the problem could be you, just sayin’.
                    Christians are called to treat all people they encounter with respect and it is a well known fact that many online do not. As is the case with me when I first comment on an atheist blog, I am sure you are smart enough to predict with a fair amount of accuracy exactly what type of response you will get.
                    Anyway, do you seek out people you know will treat you badly so your stereotype of Christians can be reinforced?
                    Let me ask this. Do you even want to have a reasonable and civil online relationship (such as they are) with a Christian or would you be happier resting in the confidence that we are all hateful schmucks?

                    Based on what I have seen from you, up to very recent comments on your own blog, I believe you actually kind of like the fact that you see us as schmucks. Nothing new or unusual there, the same thing happens in politics too. Above all things people cannot see there “enemies” as somewhat likeable humans, that would make them harder to hate. And, sadly, hate makes the world go round these days, people thrive on it.

                    I guarantee if you commented that you found an online Christian who wasn’t so bad on the blog of one of your atheist friends they would be at that Christian’s blog post haste digging for anything they could use to cure you of your egregious error in judgement.


                    • “If you get this behavior often, part of the problem could be you, just sayin’.”

                      Yes it is me because many theists find it just to hard to answer the questions or accept the comments about their religion and cannot answer with civility because they put atheists either believe we are sent by the devil and solely at the forefront of what is wrong with the whole world.

                      “Anyway, do you seek out people you know will treat you badly so your stereotype of Christians can be reinforced?”

                      “Based on what I have seen from you, up to very recent comments on your own blog, I believe you actually kind of like the fact that you see us as schmucks.”

                      I have blogged plenty of decent Christians, one being Rebecca LuElla Miller. She does not use abuse, we may call each other delusional, however it is not rude or abusive. In fact Wally is mostly decent, however he just loves calling me names. I also blog Citizen Tom and Colorstorm without to many problems.

                      Like you James, I can write about whatever I like on my own blog but you must behave civilly when on someone else’s blog. You have just written a post about atheists ejaculating mindless hatred against Christians and that is fine, you should be able to express your feelings on your own blog within reason of course, but hateful comments and threats of violence directed at people is not what I mean.


                    • If you think Wally is mostly decent, why did you write a post to single him out so you and your friends could mock him personally? What possible good came out of this? Was an idea examined in the post and debated in the comment section or were y’all just tearing a person down like schoolyard bullies?
                      In fact, can you point to a single post where you somewhat intellectually examine or challenge an idea? I’ve read all of them in the last couple of days and the general theme seems to be name calling, anger, mockery and emotional shrieking.
                      The one somewhat redeeming post is the one where you ask two almost reasonable theological questions.
                      Here is one of them:
                      “Why do theists condemn homosexuals but not divorce and adultery?”
                      And here’s the second:
                      “You have violated one of the major laws of the Bible considering it hold a death penalty sentence and a hell of a lot of you Christians have disobeyed your Christian God and he believes you should be put to death, therefore how can you expect to even consider going the heaven?”
                      If I had stumbled upon your blog and knew nothing whatsoever about you, I would have read these questions, hit the back button, and never returned to your blog. Here’s why.
                      Question one is completely dishonest and inaccurate. There are many Christians, including myself, who condemn all three.
                      Question two demonstrates that you have no understanding of Christian theology at all and it’s combative.
                      Surprisingly, though, someone did try to answer and you replied thusly:
                      “It’s good news alright, it’s easy to live as you like and still believe you are saved. Some Christians have married and divorced on more than one occasion, have had ex marital affairs, committed crimes etc, regularly eat unclean meat such as pork, work on the sabbath and condemn homosexuals but they only have to attend to Christian worship on Sunday where they pray and ask for forgiveness of their sins and therefore avoid being stoned to death.”
                      All this did, Steve, is further demonstrate that you have no understanding of Christian Theology. Can Christians really not eat unclean meat, Steve? Is this how you understand our theology?
                      Your commenter replied reasonably then you go on to ask for evidence for the faith, state (with no data whatsoever to back it up) that half of all Christians have underlying doubt and are hedging their bets just in case, then accuse her of not being willing to step out of her indoctrinated comfort zone.
                      She, as any reasonable person should have, saw that continuing the discussion would be an exercise in futility so she just sopped and has not been back, to my knowledge, since.
                      Why, Steve, why?
                      I know you fancy yourself some kind of genius that Christians are no match for intellectually but no conversation I have I had with you or seen you in bear that out.
                      Quite simply, and as the commenter mentioned above figured out rather quickly, conversations with you are exercises in futility 100 percent of the time.


                    • “If you think Wally is mostly decent, why did you write this post to single him out so you and your friends could mock him personally?”
                      You certainly have a negative outlook on everything. As usual you find any kind of negativity in everything I write. I cannot help you there.
                      “All this did, Steve, is further demonstrate that you have no understanding of Christian Theology.”
                      I understand it as much as you understand atheism. From what you write about it you do not have any chance of understanding it.
                      “I know you fancy yourself some kind of genius that Christians are no match for intellectually but no conversation I have I had with you or seen you in bear that out.”
                      I do not put myself in the genius bracket at all, however you have got to admit all religions including yours is full of holes, full of contradictions, full of lies and mythical stories, full of false ideas, good and bad morals along with the sinning, the love and eternal punishment from a God that is somehow perfect. It is so easy to find things that Christians do not understand and flounder to make Christianity appear creditable, and what is crazy is that you all have different denominations with different ideals, just like the guys I posted about.
                      If you want to place yourself into this religious box that has an ideology that is similar to the power of politics you are going to get opposition and criticism whether you like it or not. I am quite happy to receive whatever is directed at atheism; however it does appear that you are only confident to give rather than receive. I wonder why that is?


                    • 1. What you write is objectively negative, Steve, no one needs to read anything into it.
                      2. What’s to understand about atheism when it’s simply a lack of belief in God without any dogma? BTW, I was an atheist so I have first-hand experience.
                      3. My religion is perfect and error free. For kicks, why don’t you find one of my apologetics posts and refute it point by point on your blog.
                      4. Jesus said “…you will be hated because of me” so I understand I will get opposition and criticism and I can deal with it. I am actually quite good at dealing with it. If you’ll go back on this very blog I used to entertain atheists daily and I never lost an argument. Problem is, Steve a willingness to receive does not mean I am obligated to let every single atheist comment on this blog stand. Do you know how exhausting it is answering the same questions over and over and over? Especially exhausting when all your objections have been answered countless times and the answers are all over the internet.
                      Do you know how exhausting it is talking to people who think Christians can’t eat certain kinds of meat? That’s theology 101 stuff, Steve, literally everyone knows Christians can eat whatever they want.
                      Now, if you really want to make an impact in your ridiculous effort to get Christians to reconsider their Bronze Age thinking then write something with a coherent argument against the faith on your own blog and leave me alone.


  4. You diagnosed some of these trolls quite well.

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