Louisiana passes bill banning abortion after fetal heartbeat is detected

So proud of the leaders in my state

Louisiana’s state legislature on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a so-called “heartbeat” pro-life bill, becoming the latest in a slew of states to enact strict new restrictions on abortion that many conservatives have hoped will end with the Supreme Court revisiting its landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, has said he will buck the national party establishment and sign the measure into law. Another Democrat, state Sen. John Milkovich, sponsored the bill — underscoring the deep pro-life culture in Louisiana, even among liberal politicians.

The bill also includes an exemption in the case that a physician certifies that the “unborn child has a profound and irremediable congenital or chromosomal anomaly that is incompatible with sustaining life after birth.”

I am aware that there is no exemption for rape and I am OK with that. I stand by my conviction that abortion should be outlawed even in the case of rape.

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  1. Love this.:)


  2. Do you have a uterus? No? Then how in the world…? Abortions will still happen, just not safely. Utter bullshit.


    • If I wrote a post saying I hated this bill would you have asked me if I had a uterus?

      Also, attempting to justify abortion on the claim that if it is outlawed, women will abort anyway and may die in the process is problematic for three reasons.

      First, it doesn’t address the ethics of abortion. 

      Second, laws against abortion would deter most women from having one. 

      Third, there is no evidence that illegal abortions are more dangerous than legal abortions.

      Finally, I have debated pro-choice people a long time and they are always the first to both place limits on the free speech of others and to resort to juvenile profanity. Have you ever wondered what this does to your cause?

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      • I would have said your opinion isn’t relevant because you will never be in the position of finding yourself with an unwanted pregnancy. You have the right to say what you want, I have the right to disagree. Believe me when I say, bullshit is the mildest expression of what I’d like to say to you. Count yourself lucky. ✌🏻

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    • Bad argument. Abortion is never safe…for the one being murdered in the womb.


  3. Our moral responsibility to right and wrong goes beyond our race, gender or class. I don’t need to have a penis to say that rape is wrong, just like a man doesn’t need a womb to say that abortion is. One just needs to see the victims, recognize their moral obligation and stand up for those to weak to stand up for themselves. Maybe one could argue that unless you’re a fetus, you should have no say in the matter.

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  4. I honestly don’t see the point, SCOTUS is just going to nix it. At best it is some kind of virtue signal to counter the radical abortion laws (ie infanticide) coming out of places like NY and Illinois. The difference is those laws will have SCOTUS support.
    Unless of course they have info that one of the libs on the court is about to retire.


  5. For the record, no one I’ve ever met is pro-abortion. No one is excited about having an abortion. It’s a terrible decision to have to make for any woman at any time. But if my daughter were raped and somehow wound up pregnant? Oh my God! She should be able to terminate the pregnancy. Our bodies belong to us. Not the circumstances they wind up in. If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one. But telling women what they have to do with their bodies is so out there. I am done having children, it’s not even a concern of mine anymore, but the idea that someone is telling women they have to carry a fetus they don’t want once there is a heartbeat…when many women don’t have a clue they are even pregnant! That’s so insane. I’m so glad I live in California. Who is going to take care of all these babies no one wants? The foster system is already so maxed out.


    • You make some good points here.

      So, why do you think abortion is a terrible choice?


      • I was raised to believe that abortion was NEVER an option. We were not a religious family, so I guess my mom just had a strong feeling about it…I get it, I really do. When I was 21, I found out I was pregnant, and, even though I was strung out on drugs, it was never a question in my mind that I would have that child. I did. I cleaned up to the best of my ability, and had her. She is 21 now, and I adore her. But she had a rough life. I was back on drugs about five seconds after she was born. When I was 23, and on the pill, I found myself pregnant again. On drugs, again. Raising an infant. I desperately did not want to have that baby, but I didn’t know what to do. I thought if I was unhealthy enough, my body would just…reject it or something. That didn’t happen. Finally, my daughters father called my mom and told her what was happening. She called me and said “You cannot have this baby, Courtney.” And, because she gave me permission (even though I was a full adult, I still wanted her support and approval) I terminated the pregnancy. I wasn’t happy about it. I felt terrible that I was in that position. But I was also relieved that the option existed. I don’t regret it, but I don’t rejoice in it, either. Instead of dragging one child through hell, it would have been two. I would have never gotten off of welfare. Who knows if I would even have managed to keep them, or if they would have been removed by CPS? Can you imagine the blow that would have been to a young woman already so damaged? The repercussions to the children? I was on birth control. I don’t know…I know women who have had many abortions, and do I agree with using it as birth control when there are so many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies? No, I don’t. I think it should be a last choice, always. Because it is sad, and it is not something to be done lightly- in MY opinion. But it is every persons right to decide what happens with their own body. We don’t have to love it. We don’t have to agree with it. But we shouldn’t take away someones right to decide whether they are ready or able or willing to have a baby.

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        • You have a remarkable story, you would have scored more points if you would have led with that. That may not matter to you, just throwing it out there.

          I am not just some vigilant pro-life nut-job who wants to force abortion on women regardless of their situations and their beliefs, I’m really not. I have actually worked with people who have backgrounds that are similar to yours for many years and I am sympathetic.

          In order to be consistent in my beliefs however, I must maintain that abortion is wrong 100 percent of the time. Abortion is not something a woman decides to do with her own body but, instead, it’s a woman unilaterally deciding another human being doesn’t deserve to live and that is wrong. Based on how much you struggled with your decision, I think you understand that all too well.

          Now, am I judging or condemning you? Certainly not, it’s not an unforgivable sin and not worse than many other things other desperate people do when times get tough and options seem to all but run out.

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  6. Great post brother. With some good conversation in the comments that has been handled with respect from both sides.

    Up here in North Louisiana we were shocked that this was passed. I was/am happy that it did. I, too, do not believe in abortion. I get both sides of the coin…I really do…but I must stand firm in my convictions that it is wrong.


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