I really want to get back to blogging but…

…my wife has been gone for two months helping out her sister who is fighting cancer, ministry work is going strong, the church is growing, I am in seminary, I have been working hard trying to catch up in some projects around the house, triathlon season is here and I am waaaay behind on my training…

Long story short, I have been crazy busy and need a break.

Good news is I am about to get one 🙂

On Friday I will be joining my wife in Florida for two weeks to help her and her sister out but, God willing, there will be some fishing, some golf, a few trips to the beach, some running, and hopefully some much needed rest.

So all you will see from me unti after the first week in June are a few short posts and some links and stuff, if that.

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10 replies

  1. Enjoy and keep us posted.:)


  2. Still praying for your sister in law

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  3. We understand completely and pray for God to bless you and your endeavors.


  4. Enjoy.We will still be here when you return.


  5. Praying for your sister-in-law.
    (can you tell me which blog theme you’re using?)

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