Is there a good reason to kill a baby?

Is it okay to abort a baby? What would you say? People give many reasons why abortion is an acceptable choice, including:

  • The inconvenience of pregnancy
  • Incompetence of parents
  • Infant disabilities
  • It’s the woman’s body
  • It’s not a baby
  • Rape or incest
  • She’s not ready to be a parent

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  1. Nope. I chose life for my child even though I was only 17 when I got pregnant. I wasn’t ready to be a mother, I wasn’t rich and it definitely wasn’t convenient for me. But my son is now 13 and one of the best “things” to ever happen to me. God used his life to save me and for that I am forever grateful!

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    • Glad that worked out for you and that you chose life 🙂

      Two of my kids were diagnosed in utero with disabilities, one Down Syndrome the other something much much worse. Abortions were reccomend both time, the first time a doctor even told us to go to Kansas where late term abortions were legal at the time.

      Fast forward, one of them is married and an occupational therapist with no health issues and the other is a happy and thriving 13 year old with no health issues.

      I cannot imagine chosing any other way.

      Thanks for sharing your story, I am praying it helps someone.

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  3. Abortion is murder. The Word says chldren are a Gift, and He knew us before we were concieved . Satan hates Humans.


    • Couldn’t agree more.

      The Bible considers a fetus to be an unborn child, a planned human being that God is forming from the moment of conception. This being the case, it doesn’t really matter what human jurisprudence says or how socially or politically acceptable abortion is. God’s law takes precedence. A mother who decides to abort her child is unilaterally making a decision to end another person’s life—and that is and always has been the definition of murder.

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