Pro tip for anyone who wants to know the answer to anything: Ask a blogger

Do you have a deep and probing question about, for example, Christianity?

Whatever you do, don’t do what almost all sensible people do when they want to learn more about something they don’t understand, that would be silly. I mean what, really, could you possibly learn from the almost endless resources you can find online without ever leaving your couch?

Why would you even consider doing any form of research when you can find a small-time Christian blogger and ask them?

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  1. Questions about Christianity ? Hmmm. Well then here’s a few: Are the Presbyterians in charge in heaven ? We would prefer that. Is it true the Episcopalians have martinis at communion ? Will the Catholics be punished for all this temporal wealth when Jesus said to put you treasures in heaven ? Do Baptists finally get to drink and dance in heaven ? Will the rest of us have to listen to them singing all the time ? Are the Methodists in charge of prayers in heaven ? I hope not. They pray too long. Why are God’s elect arbitrarily chosen by him ? It seems if they are the elect we would be holding elections.


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