Update: It’s going down tonight

I have led small groups for years, prayed in front of my church, taught in classrooms in and out of the military, and given countless PowerPoint presentations.

But tonight I will be giving my first sermon in front of a congregation. Granted, it’s a Wednesday night instead of Sunday morning but, to me anyway, it’s a big deal.

11 pages and 3,000 words of notes, a handful of slides, and hours of prep down, now all I have to do is pray and wait until 6:00.

I know God’s got this so I shouldn’t be nervous but I have seriously thought of faking an illness of some kind just to get out of it.

OK, I was kidding about that last part (kinda) but I could use some prayer if you are so inclined.

God bless,


Update: The sermon went very well. Thanks everyone for the prayers and support, both are truly appreciated.

I will update more next week but, as for now, my oldest daughter is getting married Saturday so, as you can probably imagine, we are all pretty busy.

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  1. You will do just fine. You have the Lord on your side and with all the preparation you have done, the sermon will flow out of you easily. I can’t wait for your next post to see how you feel your sermon was received by the congregation. Everyone will be rooting for you and waiting to hear the special message only you can give.

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  2. May all those butterflies in your stomach fly in formation.

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  3. Prayers but you will be fine. I’ve gotten to do Wednesday nights five times now. It’s awesome

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  4. Congrats! I am preaching my first Sunday sermon this weekend! (At least, at this church and in this state. It has been years, other than weddings.)

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  5. Prayers your way James but I’m sure you will do just fine. Let us know how it goes!

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  6. Prayers of course. Just stick to the gospel and preach God’s word. You will be great but what really matters is how they receive the word.


  7. Blessings on this new endeavor. You’ll do great. God will be with you and guide your words . Expecting a full report tomorrow.

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