Get in shape using your own weight

Don’t have time to go to the gym?

Don’t want to pay for or can’t afford a gym membership?

Don’t have a gym that is convenient to home, school, or work?

Can’t afford or don’t have room for equipment?

All legitimate problems that can all be solved with body weight exercises anyone can do literally anywhere.

If you don’t know how to get started, here is a great list of exercises with links that show proper form from Spartan.

Lower Body

Squat Variations: Sumo Squats | Basic Body Weight Squat | Jump Squats

Split Squat/Lunges: Lunges | Bulgarian Split Squats | Lateral Split Squats | Transverse Split Squats | 3-Way Split Squat | Split Squats

Single Leg Exercises: Step Ups | Single Leg Reach | Single Leg Box Squat

More Lower Body: Wall Sits | Glute Bridges

Upper Body

Push-Ups: Standard Push-Ups| Decline Push-Ups | Single Leg Push-Ups | Plyometric Push-Ups | Dolphin Push-Ups

More Upper Body: Shoulder Taps | Dips | Pull-Ups


Planks: Plank | Side Planks | Plank Saw

Obliques: Russian Twists

More Core: Toe Touches | Leg Lowers| Hanging Leg Raises | Hollow Hold

Total Body

Plyometrics: Burpees | Broad Jumps| Box Jumps

Full Body: Bird Dog | Jumping Jacks| Bear Crawl

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  1. Thanks …..I know I need to do this and I did buy a couple of 3# weights the other day to get started. I just hate exercise and would much rather dig outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Of course its winter ,,,rain and cold. what to do????


  2. Dude. This is great and the links are amazing. Thank you.


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