Atheism and childish-emotional reactions toward the idea of God


A am not.a huge fan of Vox Day for a number of reasons but here is something to think about over coffee this morning.

Vox Day wrote about atheism and bitterness:

…the age at which most people become atheists indicates that it is almost never an intellectual decision, but an emotional one.

The Christian apologist Ken Ammi concurs in his essay The Argument for Atheism from Immaturity and writes:

It is widely known that some atheists rejected God in their childhood, based on child like reasons, have not matured beyond these childish notions and thus, maintain childish-emotional reactions toward the idea of God.

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  1. True! I’ve been saying that for years, hence my never ending speeches about letting go of our fight for reason and absolute truth,and proceeding to address the emotional, intuitive, and spiritual. Subjective reality.

    I have to tell you however, if Vox Day was all I knew of Christianity, I would flee the faith myself. That is a crass,vulgar, and spiteful individual who does great harm in the world. If you want to understand why there are atheists in the world,look no farther than VD. He promotes hatred, bullying, and casting people out with a dark and ugly heart. The man glorifies anders breivik who murdered a bunch of kids, and speaks of throwing acid in the faces of women.He is a white supremicist and an antisemite.

    So if VD were all I knew of our faith, what I know about the goodness of God would go to war with the objective reality of the evil before me,and my conscience would cause me to flee the faith. That is what happens to a lot of atheists too, they cannot reconcile the goodness of God with the evil behavior of many people who claim His name.

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  2. I would agree. Nearly every atheist I’ve ever encountered has been emotionally invested in their positions.

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  3. I see so much of what you are saying the juvenile emotional reaction is quite prevalent

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