Prayer without action grows into powerless pietism

For those of you who don’t know, my pastor has all but officially (I’m not ordained yet) made me an associate pastor at my church. Of course this includes teaching, which I have done in small groups countless times, and preaching in front of the whole congregation every now and then which I have never done before.

When this became a reality, I immediately began thinking of all the things I could talk about during my first sermon and, I have to say, my mind is literally reeling.

Anyway, and for now, I have somewhat settled on prayer without action. I’m not married to that topic so I could be led by The Spirit to change direction entirely but that’s where I’m at right now.

Also, this is not an act of desperation on the part of my pastor because he can’t find anyone else but, I think, the culmination of all I have done to prepare for this so far, including seminary.

Have I ever imagined myself preaching? Sure, but not with any seriousness because I have never wanted it to be my calling. In fact, I have sensed this calling on my life for about two years now and have ignored it because it’s too big a leap out of my comfort zone.

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  1. Why do red flags fly when I read Henri Nouwen’s name.?


  2. Congrats… it’s hard to run from it when God already said this is what you are called to do . I’m in the same boat with ya 😃 . But when he calls you to it he will see you through it, be blessed !

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  3. I’m praying for you James for your message

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  4. The quote at the end is very true. I hope that you succeed in being a preacher. You would give some interesting sermons.

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