Be curious, your faith has nothing to fear

Be curious indeed. Read, explore, examine, question, learn…

And do so in confidence, knowing this.

Although it is widely believed that science and Christianity are at odds, the opposite is actually true. There is no inherent conflict between Christianity and science. I don’t mean to suggest that religious antagonism to science has never existed. It has and does.

But the history of science shows that such claims of antagonism are often exaggerated or unsubstantiated.

“Once upon a time, back in the second half of the nineteenth century,” says Alister McGrath, “it was certainly possible to believe that science and religion were permanently at war… This is now seen as a hopelessly outmoded historical stereotype that scholarship has totally discredited.”

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  1. This is the story of my own life. Before I didn’t care for anything with a nhilistic worldview. Had a 1.7 GPA and got expelled…which later when I came to know the Lord because I knew everything was His creation suddenly everything in school was not stale but living color…

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