We all have at least one guilty pleasure, what’s yours?

One of the goals on the blog this year is to keep it light over the weekend so…

What’s your guilty pleasure? Come on, we all have one.

One of mine is REO Speedwagon’s 1980 album, Hi Infidelity.

It’s not a musical masterpiece in any regard but for some reason I can listen to it again and again and it has been one of my faves since it was released. I love it and really don’t care what anyone thinks about that.

Interesting, though, I am not that way about all music I like, sometimes I care a lot, maybe even too much.

A couple weeks ago I was shopping with my wife, an activity that usually involves my wife liesurly scouring multiple stores for something vaguely specific while I walk around aimlessly, holding her purse, and trying not to hover around her looking like an overtired toddler on the verge of a tantrum.

Anyway, I was walking past the electronics department when I heard a song playing that immediately got my attention. “A new addition to the workout playlist?” I wondered.

So, as I often do when I here a catchy song I’ve never heard before, I asked Google to identify it for me.

“Oh, balls!” I said outloud when Google told me it was by Justin Bieber.

Immediately I wished I could become the man in the Summer’s Eve commercial but, being stuck at Sam’s Club and unable to do anything really let alone anything manly, I quietly put my man card in a nearby display model shredder, picked up my wife’s purse, and went to the bathroom to cry; wishing the whole way they gave away sample bottles of whiskey instead of sliced fruit, chicken nuggets, and little smokies.

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  1. I love ice cream. When I was a kid I liked it, but I married a man that can’t live without his daily quotient of the stuff. It wore off on me. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit into a diet, but I feel it’s still one I should be allowed to partake of, even if it does make me feel guilty.

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  2. Dark chocolate with almonds…you can’t eat just one.

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  3. I saw REO in concert in the mid to late 80’s and got to go back stage and meet them!!! What a moment!!! My guilty pleasure is salty snack.

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