This literally hurts my soul

In the continued effort to keep it light here on the blog over the weekend, here’s a fun story about police officers who are overcome with emotion following a devastating loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with them 😦

Also, this…

Obviously the artist has some skill and talent and there is some truth in the picture. Come on, even if you are the biggest Trump supporter in America, there is no denying the fact that he does shoot himself in the foot, often.

This leaves me wondering, though, why a revolver is ejecting shell casings. Seems like an artist with the aforementioned skill and talent would not have got that detail so glaringly wrong.

And finally, this from the Babylon Bee.

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  1. Oh so funny about the donut truck and as for our Pres. he is just like the rest of us which makes him ‘right’.

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  2. Good stuff James. Even I know a revolver doesn’t shed bullet casings!

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  3. The first one was my favorite!

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  4. LOL at the police officer.


  5. OH MY GOSH I can relate to that police officer XD

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