How to blog about politics, a step by step guide

That title was a little misleading because I have no tips for how to blog about politics except one and that is; you probably shouldn’t.

Unless you are exceptionally well informed on the issues and a skilled political writer (99 percent of the bloggers on WP are neither) you will either look like a political hack or a lunatic who is simply angry.

You probably shouldn’t also applies to Facebook and Twitter, in case you were wondering.

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  1. Haha, a political hack, lunatic, and you forgot to add: preachy, someone who likes to shove their views down others’ throats

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  2. I would rather encourage someone to speak out than to suppress their ideas/thoughts. This can lead to thoughtful discussions, which I believe makes us more enlightened and inquisitive.

    I think the problem occurs when someone speaks but then fails to listen.

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