I said I only had one resolution for 2019 but…

A week or so ago I did a post saying I have only one resolution, here it is.

Dear Lord,

Throughout the coming year I pray that I will thank you unceasingly for your precious gift of time. I pray that I will fully appreciate each of the over 31 million seconds 2019 has to offer and that I will not squander even one.

I pray, father, that every one of my goals, actions, words, and thoughts this coming year will line up with your perfect word and your divine will.

Lord, show me what you want from me in 2019 so I don’t begin yet another year with a collection of obligatory and insincere resolutions to simply do more of what’s good, less of what’s bad, or to improve myself in some earthly and eternally insignificant way.

Lord, instead of my own resolutions, I pray that you make me a humble servant who intentionally and deliberately seeks your will in everything I do and with every plan I make.

In Jesus name,


I still agree with that in it’s entirety but I would like to add two things, maybe to clarify. Maybe they fall under the umbrella of intentionally and deliberately seeking God’s will, not sure. Maybe I just wanted to post something and am out of ideas.


1. I’ve got to get my eating under control because trying to eat right 80 percent of the time and literally going crazy 20 percent of the time isn’t working anymore. I mean, it’s working if you look at me but my A1C is high enough to cause concern and I feel like crap too much of the time.

2. I’ve got to stay off my stupid phone. Hard to say how many of the 31 million seconds of 2018 I squandered but if I were to somehow find out, I am sure I would be shocked.

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3 replies

  1. Yep! We could all, mostly, say the same.

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  2. I second the two resolution additions.

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  3. Good resolutions both of it. For me I try to do “internet” stuff flowing from what I do in other areas of life such as ministering and counseling…or using the posts to also minister to others in real life when its answering questions or encourage holiness in singleness and relationship. But good point with point 2

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