Three sinful things too many Christians do not avoid

Game of Thrones



Of the three, the one that has pained my heart the most recently is the last one.

I used to think engaging with scoffers was not only good fun but also a good way to sharpen my debate skills and strengthen my faith.

As time goes on however, I have come to view regular engagement with those who choose to disbelieve God and His Word and make it their ambition to ridicule those who follow God as not only utter foolishness but also as sinful.

I am so convicted about this that I have unfollowed numerous Christian blogs that I used to read daily because I now consider them to be no more edifying than pornography.

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  1. Hey J. just saw this. Interesting.

    I know absolutely nothing bout Thrones. And don’t care to know.

    Egg nog though? Hmm, not so sure what is sinful about a cup of cheer.

    Scoffers? Eh, they are a dime a dozen, and Christian mockers are worse than atheist. Some don’t interact, good for them. Some do, good for them.

    But if you are saying adios to people you once found helpful, do you think it would be fair for you to say what sites they are, so others can have a heads up?

    Many others are equally curious, but you do what’s best for you.


    • Was kinda kidding about eggnog, obviously.

      As far as scoffers go, I no longer have any tolerance for Christians who entertain them endlessly. The conversations are ridiculous and the posts baiting the scoffers are even worse.

      For what blogs I no longer read, I’m not naming names because I don’t want the predictable redactions that would follow.


  2. Scoffers. You make an interesting point. Makes me consider how much influence I allow them. And exactly who is influencing who.


  3. I’m kind of liking your list, except for the eggnog. Eggnog is proof that God loves us.

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  4. I totally agree about Game of Thrones (never seen it, but what I’ve heard about it, I’m never going near it with a ten foot pole) and about scoffers (had some run-ins with those lately). What’s eggnog?

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