Examine Yourself

I have been on a Paul Washer kick lately and have listened to this message no less than a half dozen times in the last couple days and, wow.

I hate to ask readers to commit an hour of their valuable time to watching a video posted on this blog but I am not only asking, I am begging.

If you call yourself a Christian and you have not heard this message, you are missing out on something you NEED to hear.

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  1. John MacArthur’s “Saved or Self-Deceived” message is an excellent compendium to this message.

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  2. I second what you said…so important for many many people in our day and age to hear this!

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    • Absolutely Jim.

      At one point Washer says the majority of American Chistians will not go to Heaven and I believe this is true and that is sad. If I ever preach, this is exactly the kind of message I would bring every time. Not the same topic but hard truths that are not spoken often enough.

      Thanks for turning me on to this guy, he rocks 🙂

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      • I found him during the time of my life involved with college campus ministry. There were so many so called Christians who were not truly born again. Over the years I would meet people getting saved by watching his videos on Youtube and being challenged by him. I’m so grateful for the Lord saving people through Washer’s challenging sermons.

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        • I am grateful as well. Who knew there was a huge mission field right inside the church. We were at a prayer and worship gathering last night and I prayed, not for a revival, but for an awakening of those who believe they are saved but are not.

          Just imagine what America would look like if everyone who professed Christ were actually transformed.

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