When I watched this atheist video, my disgusted turned to pity, then compassion

Up until about a year or so ago, I spent a significant amount of my time online reading atheist blogs, websites, and forums always with the overwhelming sense that the atheists who write the posts and articles and those who are active in the comment sections and forums believe they are edgy bad asses with intellects far superior to those of us who are slaves to hidebound thinking about gods and spirits and such.

Even though I no longer read their blogs and websites and very rarely interact with them in web forums, I do run into them occasionally and, instead of seeing them as adversaries I am somehow obligated to confront, I pity them.

My first gut reaction was nothing but pure disgust, which almost caused me to simply quit watching, dismiss it, and continue with my daily routine, because after all, I’ve heard all of this kind of hatred before. Much of what I run across in my line of work is this sort of attitude among the atheist community; a sort of celebration among themselves of their hatred for a God that they claim they believe does not exist.

I’m not saying that this attitude is shared by all atheists, but one has to only start reading some of the comments in the comment section under the video to prove my point; but something compelled me to keep watching, and my attitude began to change from disgust into something else entirely…

Unlike that author, my pity and disgust(mine is more shame and sorrow) has not evolved to compassion yet, I am hoping that one day it will.

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  1. Brother, lately I’ve been actively posting content for atheists on twitter. I have learned a lot. A good portion of what I post comes from the Poached Egg. They have a great ministry.

    What has struck me the most is how mean and vicious the new atheists are. I get 100’s of really vicious and vile comments a day. I try to engage with some but it is generally useless.

    If nothing else, I am sowing seeds. Perhaps someone else will water and another reap the harvest.

    Thanks for you speaking the truth.

    Blessings, grace and peace from King Jesus.

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  2. I have something akin to compassion sometimes,although I still think they need to be told firmly, “No. What you are doing is not okay. How you are thinking is all wrong.”

    I really do owe a debt of gratitude to atheists however, because they have served to strengthen my faith, to reveal some deceptions that are common to us all, and to motivate me to get more into the bible. I grew up with atheism,and the sheer irrationality of hating on someone like Jesus or even Mother Theresa, did help to spark my curiousity and start me seeking the truth.

    The bible says, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man who asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.” Not trying to pick on Christians here, but many can not do that, many don’t know how to articulate what they believe or why it is important that they do so. If it weren’t for atheists, I wouldn’t know either.


  3. This is serious business because time is so short. So very short.

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  4. I feel sorry for atheists.


  5. Love you all too, there is good and bad from all groups and many atheists pity you even more.


  6. Thanks for being real James.

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