Quick question for pastors who tell their church members to shut up and believe

Not just pastors but lay ministers, church leaders at all levels, Sunday School teachers, deacons, elders, internet apologists, and ordinary Christians who read this blog.

Have you ever taught or been taught to “shut up and just believe.”

My guess is none of you have because, the way I see it, and, contrary to what skeptics may say, Christianity isn’t about checking your brains at the church door so you can be properly trained in Christian groupthink.

Christianity isn’t about hearing a message and dutifully believing it without question.

Christianity isn’t about being pushed into a role of subservience and submission by dishonest overseers.

Christianity isn’t about not allowing believers to thoughtfully weigh the evidences and truth claims of a religious system that has stood up to intense scrutiny for more than 2,000 years.

Chrisistianity isn’t about “the Bible says it so it must be true.”

And, Christianity isn’t about pointing members who “fall out of line” back to the house of indoctrination for more sermons on being a good, obedient, and unquestioning sheep.

Sure, faith is an important component of Christianity but there is no reason to “shut up and just believe” when, if you are willing to be objective, you will find that Christianity is overall more consistent with evidence and logic than any other worldview.

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