Move along now deconverts, nothing to see here

This is interesting.

In that article, Jonny Scaramanga wrote that he is giving up blogging about ACE (Acelerated Christian Education) because he finally came to the realization that almost no one cares about his manufactured grievances.

In December, a paper I co-authored with Michael Reiss was published in the Journal of Curriculum Studies about racism in the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. I didn’t blog about it here because I fully expected it to get media coverage

He goes on

As you’re no doubt aware, that paper did not exactly create a media storm. To my knowledge, exactly zero journalists and bloggers have written about it so far.

The good news, and I mean that in all sincerity, for Scaramanga is that since he made the decision to stop waging his pretend war, his mental health has improved to the point he thinks he may no longer need to pay a therapist.

This, honestly, is something I have wondered about for some time. No, not completely bogus or fantastically embellished issues an infantesimally small percentage of people have with a Christian school curriculum almost no one even knows exists. But why does it seem to be the case that those who have deconverted from faith and now make it their life’s mission to stamp out religion by venting about its various imaginary atrocities incessantly online seem so unhinged?

Could it be that perpetual self-imposed victimhood is bad for people?

Good for anyone, truly, who can watch a YouTube video and become so intellectually enlightened that they are able to move beyond backwards Bronze Age thinking about gods and spirits, thus freeing themselves from the shackles of organized religion. But, if a deconvert’s mind is truly free, why do so many continue to swim in the make believe mire and muck of their former faith?

Really? If simply making a decision not to dwell on imaginary past hurts is working for Jonny Scaramanga, why can’t it work for all deconverts?

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  1. It is strange. I am regularly trolled by former evangelicals who are now atheist. Not sure why the care anything about what I write. 🙂

    Blessings. Thanks for speaking the truth.

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  2. Somewhere deep down inside they know they are missing something .

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  3. You are probably right, I know nothing about ACE, but keep in mind there are weird groups out there even within healthy religious traditions and they generate damaged people. Venting about it can help them make sense of their experience and help others who went through the same thing. See for example Leah Rimini’s documentaries on Scientology; Scientologists argue she is just angry but she has legitimate critiques. Now Scientology is just silly but I’ve seen cult-like groups form in Christian circles too.


    • I see your point but using Leah Rimini to justify the behavior of common internt deconverts is, I think, wrongheaded.

      Wrongheaded especially, when the vast majority are liars who do not need to be validated.

      Hate to roundly accuse an entire group of people of lying but that has been my experience. Just read their own words, the stories don’t pass the smell test and they always seem to know next to nothing about theology.

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  4. Well the thought of dragging others into their pit of voidness probably reassures them that their decision was sound. Of course they know it was not sound and that is why they come.


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