102 words of affirmation every wife wants to hear

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A while back I was speaking and asked for a show of hands, “How many of the wives have had too much affirmation over the past month?” Laughter broke out across the room. No, haven’t had too much of that.

If Lisa is any indication, women often have the feeling that life is coming at them with the speed of a fighter jet and the chaos of a riot. Add to this the voices everywhere around them saying in subtle and not so subtle ways that the job they’re doing isn’t quite up to the mark. Wives often have the nagging feeling that they just don’t measure up.

Let’s drown out those voices with the applause of affirmation – words of beauty, truth, and love that every wife wants to hear, but also needs to hear often.

102 Words of Affirmation Every Wife Wants to Hear

1. You give a lot, and I appreciate how much you give.

2. You are beautiful.

3. You make me want to be a better man.

4. Thanks for your faithfulness to our family.

5. You are a godly woman.

6. I’ve learned a lot from you.

7. I’ve seen you grow so much.

8. I like spending time with you.

9. You’re fun to be with.

10. What a fantastic meal!

11. You make wonderful things.

12. Thanks for your diligence in running this house.

13. Our kids are so fortunate to have you as their mother.

14. God wanted me to be happy . . . that’s why He made you my wife.

15. You bring out the best in me.

16. You are a fantastic person.

17. You are a deep river.

18. You’re as beautiful to me as the day we married.

19. My favorite place to be is with you.

20. I wouldn’t be half the man I am without you.

21. You make loving fun.

22. You complete me.

23. God said, “It’s not good for a man to be alone.” It’s sure good to be with you!

24. When I’m gone this week, just remember, home is where my heart is.

25. You are my world.

26. The Bible tells men: Love your wife like Christ loves the Church . . . I like my job!

27. I like going out with you . . . what are you doing tonight?

28. The laundry never stops coming . . . and you never quit. You’re amazing and, I really appreciate it.

29. You are a hard worker.

30. You’re so smart.

31. I value your insight.

32. You have a lot to offer.

33. I really admire your inner strength

34. I’m glad our kids have (will have) such an excellent role model.

35. You are (will be) an amazing mother.

36. You know you’re my best friend, don’t you?

37. I don’t know what I would do without you.

38. You make me a happy man.

39. I’m amazed at the women you’ve become.

40. You accomplish a lot.

41. You are so thoughtful.

42. Thank you for respecting me.

43. I’m grateful I can trust you with anything.

44. I have total confidence in you.

45. I’m proud to be your husband.

46. God knew what I needed. That’s why He brought us together.

47. I respect the woman you are.

48. My hat’s off to you!

49. You’ve got great ideas.

50. I married up!

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God bless

James 🙂

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