Listen to His roars…

A while back a did a few posts about a book I was reading called Demolishing Strongholds by Johnny Hunt.

I am on the road for work this week and noticed that I still had the book in my carry on bag so I was skimming through it again the other day and this jumped out at me.

“God’s Word trumps the wors of anyone else! Human speculation is no match for devine revelation. So, let the water of God’s Wordwash over your soul,trumping anything others may say. The world has all kinds of voices, but let His be the loudest in your ears. Listen to His roars instead of the shouting of others.”

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  1. That’s my pastor! I love that I see his books show up just about everywhere I go – whether it’s in a Wal-Mart in Florida, a truck stop, or through a blog on the internet. Words are powerful, and God’s Word is the ultimate!

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  2. Amen! Words well spoken and we should all take note.

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  3. And it trumps the voices inside our own heads that can sometimes be the most brutal, inspired by the Accuser himself. During one particularly rough period in my life I was having trouble finding words to say in prayer so I resorted to memorizing some of the Psalms and other prayers in the Bible. I did it as a crutch, a concession to my own weakness, and then I realized how powerful it was to really meditate on God’s word instead of searching for my words to say to Him. I probably need to get back in that habit.

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