Naked and afraid of atheists

Like a lot of people I have been spending time the last few days watching Shark Week on Discovery. Not my favorite time of year but I do look forward to it and I do, generally anyway, enjoy the Shark Week fare.

Sadly, though, Discovery has managed to taint a good thing by offering up a program called Naked and Affraid of Sharks which, I gather, consists of naked people with all of their naughty bits blurred out splashing about in the surf with sharks. Awesome, I guess, if you’re into watching a weird mashup of sharks and Cinemax as it looked when kids watched it without a subscription 35 years ago.

Anyway, nonsensical and just the type of demented thing I have been trying not to polute my mind with lately.

That and, well, internet atheists.

That’s right. In addition to avoiding gazing at people no one really wants to see naked anyway, one of the things I believe I absolutely have to do in my quest for godly obedience is to give up my bad habit of occasionally scanning atheist blogs just to see what the pseudo-intellectual blowhards are up to and, as rare as the instances are these days, I need to stop interacting with them.

In my opinion, their drivel is not much better than looking at porn. Yes, there are distinctions between the two but they have a huge common denominator in the sense that they are both poison to your mind.

Atheists believe that everything in life has a purely material basis. They completely deny the existence of anything spiritual. They believe that all our thoughts, dreams, passions, loves, hates, hopes, ambitions, virtues, sins, and sufferings are driven solely by atomic activity. They believe that all our philosophies, politics, cultures, art, literature, music, history, as well as our deepest desire for eternal life and all that is transcendent in the world—that is, the good, the true, and the beautiful—that all of this is purely the result of biochemical reactions and the random movement of molecules in an empty and lifeless ether. This is not science—it’s faith.

What’s more, it’s an irrational faith that serves as the foundation for all superstition. Indeed, atheism is a whole system of beliefs—a system that has its own philosophy (materialism), morality (relativism), politics (social Darwinism), and culture (secularism). It even has its own sacraments (abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia). And this system of beliefs has been responsible for more death, carnage, persecution, and misery than any system of beliefs the world has ever known.

Face it folks, atheism is horrible thinking. No matter how logical it may appear, when it is stripped of its pompous proclamations and arrogant allegations, its naked soul is seen for what it really is: weak, illogical, unscientific, and worthless.

Like a train wreck, I understand that it’s hard to look away sometimes but, exposing yourself to it too often is a dangerous and, for lack of a better word, stupid practice.

Atheists who read this, and there are some who troll this blog just to use what they read here as fodder for their own blog posts and in their conversations, will see my admission that atheism is dangerous and to be avoided as a win for their side and a lame cop out from me.

They will say I can’t handle the truth of their claims or hold a candle to their their extensive intellects, educations, or life experiences.

They will say I’m afraid of admitting I’m wrong about faith because doing so will virtually ensure that I will be shunned by my church, community, employer, or something.

Or they will claim I am warning the “duped and gullible” to stay clear of the “forbidden fruit” atheists offer because just one taste and the walls any sensible person’s faith will immediately begin to crumble.

Nonsense, all of it!

As far as reasoning with them goes, sure, there is some benefit to it at times. I talk to non-believers all the time in real life. But real life is not the same in any regard as virtual conversations with arrogant, ignorant, deceitful, cowardly, hateful, and extraordinarily zealous members of the evangelical church of disbelief that society won’t allow to exist in the the three dimensional world.

In fact, if I had a pastor who made it a habit of swimming in the intellectual shallow end of the internet with scoffers and fools (or naked hippies and sharks), I would find a new church immediately. As a church leader I have to, I feel, hold myself to the same standard.

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.

– Proverbs 26:4

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  1. Agree totally James. It’s the same thing with me and dealing with far leftists on political sites or even my own Facebook page. A part of me gets a thrill out of showing them their own nonsense but, really what does it do other than get me worked up and behaving in ways I shouldn’t be? Nothing.


  2. If you only knew.


    • We do know Steve, that’s why we choose light and truth over darkness and lies. If you only knew the pretended intellect of false history and lying so-called scholars who don’t know Genesis from revolution…

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      • People who chose darkness and lies will continue to do so regardless of what we say until the Holy Spirit moves them, CS.

        That makes talking to Steve utterly pointless.


        • Well it may SEEM pointless, but let’s remember that God’s word is never wasted, if we speak it,, it does us good first.

          But agreed, people do choose darkness.

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          • True, God’s Word never returns void.
            However, we need to balance that with not casting our pearls before swine, shaking the dust off our feet and moving on, and answering fools according to their folly.
            Difficult to draw the line sometimes, I have to admit. But Steve, Ark, Mike, Zande, Nan…are well on the side of it we should stay away from, IMHO.

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            • Wouldn’t it be something J if the apostles of depravity, lawlessness, false history, lying scholarship, and all manner of deviancy, repented and turned to God, then, after giving God the simple courtesy of existing, had a fair run in with the Lord Most High.

              Anyway, most of your above mentioned have fled the coop from the Densville. 😉 they seek the inexperienced and weak.

              They know certainly that I will not bend an inch as to scripture and the revelation of the grace of God, but we each play a part.


              • It would be something indeed and, with our God, it is entirely possible.
                The one thing that gives me pause however, is what you said in your last two paragraphs.
                (Paraphrasing) They know you won’t give an inch so they moved on to easier prey. That is a pattern they have stuck with for years and it is proof they have an agenda to move people from faith through intimidation and bullying. Honest seekers are one thing, these folks are quite another.

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      • CS, is it not your God’s doing that I am here to challenge your beliefs? I would like to debate with you, however James takes offence when I start challenging his faith and I will be eliminated.


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