Come on people, be less dumb

Yesterday, this appeared in my Facebook feed.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Maxine Waters but look closely at the CNN Politics logo.

Last time I checked the word “politics” was not spelled with one i.

Rep. Waters has undoubtedly said some crazy things but that she said the next Supreme Court justice should be an illegal immigrant is doubtful. Or, maybe she did say it (I can’t be sure I haven’t researched it much) but this source is clearly bogus.

Come on people, be less dumb.

I have actually been thinking about this for a bit and I don’t think being dumb is really the problem here, outrage is.

Outrage addicts often serve their addiction above all else. In their sober moments, they may pursue knowledge and truth. But amidst the throes of addiction, the only thing they seek is anger. They don’t want to be informed. They want to be mad.

This is why, probably more often than not, those vomiting venom at someone on social media haven’t even read the article they’re sharing. Why risk discovering some detail in the source material that might change your mind or take your “I Can’t Even” meter from an eleven to a three? To extract as much outrage from the hide of Today’s Sinner, the outrage addict embraces brain rot and remains in deliberate ignorance.

See what’s going on?

The person who posted this (not originally but the person who I saw post it) is someone who I would consider hyper-partisan and full of outrage. Post after post after post slamming liberals and declaring that he just can’t believe how stupid they are.

Problem here isn’t really that he’s upset with what’s going on in the country, many people are and that’s OK, but that he is so addicted to and blinded by outrage that he can’t even see straight. Sadly, this happens all the time and it’s not exclusively on the right.

Take the Time magazine cover for example.

Turns out the little girl in the picture was never separated from her mother as readers were led to believe. But, if you think Trump is “literally Hitler”, facts don’t matter as long as there is outrage.

Even when the truth of the picture came out, opponents of Trump’s policy dismissed all the fact-checking of the photo as hand-wringing and a meaningless distraction from the real problem. I even read somewhere that it doesn’t have to be true and the crying girl is kind of a metaphor. Sad, really, that people are so pissed off about Trump that they will immediately believe literally anything negative about him.

Sadder still, the more pissed off they are, the better they feel. Are they actually outraged when they see things that outrage them or delighted that they have have a good reason to be outraged?

Anyway. You know what? I get it. I’ve been there. I lived the life of an outrage junkie for years. And, in all honesty, I still struggle.

Yet, even still, it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that people seek outrage like a drug. Sign of the times, I guess. But for believers, an outrage addiction is more dangerous than they may know.

A perpetually bitter and outraged spirit will kill a person’s heart, making them shipwreck their faith, and prove that they never belonged to God.

If you are nearly constantly outraged by anything, no matter what it is, read that last line again and know that it is absolutely impossible to reconcile a spirit of outrage and genuine saving faith.

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  1. Well done James. This is a subject I too have been thinking about a lot. I think there are people deliberately orchestrating these posts and spreading them through social media so the useful idiots (including the media) will pick up on and share them like they always do. Russia has gone on record as saying they do this type of stuff to us they to foment angst and even violence in the nation. I don’t doubt other countries are involved too.

    It’s a big problem, I’m not sure how to combat it as so many people like you say are just addicted to being outraged.


    • I think you are right, it’s probably a concerted effort on someone’s part then the masses get ahold of stuff and…

      Can’t blame the powers that be, though, they are doing what works.

      My big problem is people who just forward stuff indescminently. I get ideologically but a lot of what you see is so dumb it defies belief. My BS detector told me something was off with the Maxine Waters post right away. I checked CNN Polotics and didn’t see it anywhere. That’s when I looked closer and saw the misspelling. I am not the smartest guy in any room so if I can be discerning anyone can.

      I call people out sometimes, that’s when I learn truth doesn’t matter to them anyway. “Might not be exactly accurate but the point is the same” they say.


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