Enough with the Nazi comparisons already

“Every day we saw thousands and thousands of innocent people disappear up the chimney. With our own eyes, we could truly fathom what it means to be a human being. There they came, men, women, children, all innocent. They suddenly vanished, and the world said nothing ..”

What follows is part of a first hand account from Auschwitz survivor, Filip Müller of what life in Nazi Germany was like for millions of innocent people.

If you (functionaries, propogandists, and useful idiots) believe what happened in Nazi Germany is anything like voting for and supporting an American president and his poicies, you have a very, very serious problem.

Men, women and children were now tearing their clothes off, helping each other to dodge the blows, and in no time at all they were all standing there naked, each with a small heap of clothes piled in front of them. Once again I watched the young mother in the corner by the gate. Carrying her child on her arm she, too, was now undressed. She was not ashamed of her nakedness, but the premonition that perhaps she had undressed her child and herself for the last time put her into a state of helpless submission to God’s will.

Two of the SS men took up positions on either side of the entrance door. Shouting and wielding their truncheons like beaters at a hunt, the remaining SS chased the naked men women and children into the large room inside the crematorium. All that was left in the yard were the pathetic heaps of clothing which we had to gather together to clear the yard for the second half of the transport. We removed suit-cases, rucksacks, clothes and shoes and piled them higgledy-piggledy in a great heap in a corner. Then we covered everything with a large tarpaulin ..

.. two disinfecting operators climbed on the roof, carrying sealed tins manufactured by the Degesch Company. They chatted leisurely, smoking a cigarette.Then, on signal, each of them walked to a one foot high concrete shaft, donned a gas mask, took off the lid, opened the tin, and poured the pea-sized contents into the shaft. They closed the lids, took off their masks, and drove off.

After a while I heard the sound of piercing screams, banging against the door and also moaning and wailing. People began to cough. Their coughing grew worse from minute to minute, a sign that the gas had started to act. Then the clamor began to subside and to change to a many-voiced dull rattle, drowned now and then by coughing. Ten minutes later all was quiet.

.. As the doors opened, the top layer of corpses tumbled out like the contents of an overloaded truck when the tail-board is let down. They were the strongest who, in their mortal terror, had instinctively fought their way to the door, the one and only way out, had there been even the remotest possibility of getting out … the bottom layer of corpses always consisted of children as well as the old and the weak, while the tallest and strongest lay on top.

No doubt the ones on top had climbed up there over the bodies already lying on the floor because they still had the strength to do so and perhaps also because they had realized that the deadly gas was spreading from the bottom upwards … many had their mouths wide open, on their lips traces of whitish dried-up spittle. Many had turned blue, and many faces were disfigured almost recognition from blows.

Almost all of them were wet with sweat and urine, filthy with blood and excrement, while the legs of many women were streaked with menstruel blood.

Among them lay the bodies of pregnant women, some of whom had expressed the head of their baby just before they died …”

“Monsters exist, but they are too few in numbers to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are…the functionaries ready to believe and act without asking questions.”
-Primo Levi

Make no mistake, people. The Nazi comparisons (second link above) are not just mean spirited and devoid of any form of rational thought, they are dangerous rhetoric with the sole purpose of dehumanizing an entire group of people.

“What the Democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum on not who Trump is, but who you are. That’s the big difference,” he continued. “You can no longer, now as a voter — because it’s not about taxes, it’s not even about some abstract term of immigration or nationalism — if you vote for Trump then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, going ‘you here, you here.’”

Trying to inspire the non-thinking masses to hate people just because of who they vote for?

Also, Nazi comparisons are a kind of inverted hate speech unwittingly directed at all those who died in the Holocaust. So, regardless of what you may think of President Trump, it would behoove you not to use grotesquely irresponsible rhetoric when venting your frustrations. Moreover, when one does make stunningly ignorant comparisons, they actually draw those on the fence closer to the very person they hope to disempower.

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  1. Thank you James for speaking out about this. The Nazi and Holocaust comparisons are flat out disgusting, ignorant and insulting all at once. Levi’s quote is spot on, as it’s not surprising or even all that disturbing that politicians would make the comparison, it’s the idiots that lap it up and believe that concerns me.

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    • The idiots concern me too but it doesn’t surprise at all that they believe such crazy comparisons, they believ anything.

      The person who shared that meme also shared a link about Jeff Sessions using Romans 13 to justify separating babies from their parents. Good article? Thoughtful, academic, worth a read? Nope, believe it or not is was a link to a Steven Colbert video on YouTube that was so ridiculous I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. He also shares a link from A wall Street Journal article about military bases getting ready to house immigrant children that you couldn’t even read unless you have an account. I said “I didn’t even know you had a WSJ acount.” He doesn’t so he didn’t even read the article himself just shared like a useful idiot is expected to.

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      • Thus is the state of our “information” society and it’s frightening. People have always sought out news sources that match their beliefs, heck I do it too and there have always been cranks out there who believe just absolute nonsense, but the Internet and social media turns nonsense in to reality and spreads it like wildfire. Not good.

        I pulled up the story I think your friend referenced. It talked about the Navy crafting plans to house immigrants, but it specifically stated it was unsure whether they were for just the kids or both adults and children. I don’t see what the problem with that is. If we’re going to detain people entering the country illegally then we need a place to put them until their status is resolved.

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        • Gray comment, Tricia and it is frightening for sure.

          Bad news about the information age is that the information people consume nowadays is completely devoid of fact, logic, or reason. Merely, as you said, sources (mostly memes, snippets, and soundbites taken out of context) that do absolutely nothing but support bias.

          You made an interesting point about the article I mentioned and there not being anything there. There really didn’t need to be and that’s what’s shocking. All people need is a headline that supports what they already believe and…

          Kind of like the Time cover with the crying little girl on it. It made liberals mad and, once everyone knew it was highly misleading, they were all OK with it because, even though dishonest, it still spoke to what’s going on.

          I actually just put up a post about this that explains further.

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