Lord, help me speak life into my spouse

I haven’t done a Marriage Monday Post in a while so, here you go…


Dear Lord,

Thank you for my marriage. You have used it more than anything else in my life to teach me about You. Thank you for using my spouse to show me how to be more patient, kind, gentle and loving.

One thing I need help with right now is with the way we talk to each other. For some reason, we are very sarcastic and sometimes even rude.

Please help us to speak kinder words and softer words. Even teach us how to keep our mouths shut when our words will not uplift.

I desire to speak life into my spouse and not death but I know we both need your help to break some of the bad habits we’ve formed.

In Jesus name


…and by His wounds we are healed. (I 53:5)

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  1. Lord I ask that you step into this Holy space between James and his spouse . Show them how to resist the tricks of the enemy and show that devil that God is the lover of their souls and nothing will separate what they have , the devil seeks to destroy families and I pray now that he be snatched away from this home and replace it with peace love joy and you …. In the Powerful name of Jesus , Amen .
    Prayer is the most powerful tool we have I stand with you my brother God Bless and Keep you and your family . Have an amazing day !!! I hope I haven’t step out of line , I just felt the need to pray on your behalf …Nikki

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