I pray that we may act like men

This is something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

The world we live in is full of problems and, I believe, if men began to stand up and act like men, many of those problems would be solved.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for my life and the call you have on it. Lord, I pray that men would begin to act like men. Our world is actively trying to keep men immature and acting like boys. Our enemy is afraid of mature, godly MEN. Becuase Godly men are dangerous for his kingdom. When we as men begin to act like men, true Godly men, the kingdom of the devil will be rocked.

Lord, make us pursuers of righteousness, protectors of the innocent, lovers of our wives, servants, prayer warriors and bible believers. Lord, may we act like the men that you have called us to be.

In Jesus name amen!

From Husband Revolution


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  1. I actually did my last radio broadcast on something very similar. Proverbs 31 is a chapter to which most people run to discuss the “perfect woman.” However, the first few verses lay a foundational argument for mothers to expect their sons to act like leaders and kings, i.e., “real men.” We do our best, as fathers, to instill a sense of value in the minds of our daughters by calling them our “princess.” What we need now are more parents telling their sons they’re a “prince,” a leaders in the making, not pajama-wearing video game junkies who can’t even change their own tires without roadside assistance (per a recent insurance company commercial).

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    • Excellent input Anthony, this should help readers.

      Funny you should mention that commercial, it drives me crazy. I taught all of my kids, including the girls, how to change a tire and they can all do it.

      I am actually involved in a ministry for men that encourages them to step up and be real men.

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