I went into The Shack, ran in the rain, and gave up blogging  

I said I wasn’t ever going to see the movie, The Shack because I have heard too many bad things about it but last night my wife and I were at a Redbox and, in a “what the heck” moment, I changed my mind.  And I’m glad I did.

Sure there are some things about it that people could debate endlessly from a theological standpoint but I thought it was great, especially the scene in the rowboat which I found incredibly moving.


Nevermind. This isn’t a movie review blog so I’m going to switch directions. 

I woke up yesterday morning to get a run in, went outside, and realized it was raining. Bummer, I thought, as I sat on the porch with my pre-run coffee and looked out at the rain. Not a hard rain and it wasn’t cold by any stretch of the imagination so (in another “what the heck” moment I suppose) I doffed my shirt so I wouldn’t soon be draped in the equivalent of a wet bath towel, laced up my shoes, and headed out. Guess I should have checked the forecast before I left because about half a mile from the house it started raining quite a bit harder. No way I was going to get any wetter so I pressed on and, I have to say, it was one of the best runs I’ve been on in a while, maybe ever.  Refreshing, invigorating, much cooler than my recent high humidity 85 plus degree runs, fun, and somewhat rebellious.  When the rain comes in most people run for cover but there I was in the middle of it, doing something right minded people just don’t do and loving life while I was doing it.

Things also appear different when it rains.  Steam rises from streets and sidewalks, the light isn’t as bright yet surfaces are more reflective, there are fewer people about, and everything looks and smells cleaner as if a layer of funk has been washed away. And that’s how I felt when I got back to the house; cleaner, newer, refreshed, revived, rejuvenated…

But, let’s be honest, it wasn’t necessarily the rain that did it. Instead, I think, it was the rain that made me finally realize that being out there enjoying life instead of being tied to an electronic leash is what living is all about. Normally I would have looked at the rain, grumbled for a moment because my plans were a literal wash out, then grabbed my tablet and spent the next hour or so online. Facebook memes, Twitter, websites that have nothing of real meaning to offer, and news that only serves to shock, anger, and frustrate. Or perhaps I would have left my own small mark on the web by putting up a blog post that a few people would read.

What I am trying to say here, I guess, is that the world is full of wonder that I have not been experiencing to the fullest because my world has been revolving around electronic distractions and that isn’t working for me anymore.

I thought my vacation would just offer a break from being online all the time but I think now it may (I really hope it does) turn into a more permanent thing. Maybe even no more blogging. 


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  1. Oh no! Don’t stop blogging. You are an inspiration to so many!!!

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    • Thanks Kathy 🙂 If I give up on blogging it won’t be a spur of the minute decision made without a ton of prayer.

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      • I hope so. I’ve felt the same way in the past. It’s hard to manage all of it along with my marriage and friendships. I’m at a point in life where I need some encouragement too instead of always being the encourager. Just when I begin to feel that way I hear from someone who got some peace from something I’ve said and I feel the Word is making that happen. When we start feeling we’re making the difference rather than God’s Word we are taking away his glory. If I ever thought that was the case, I’d quit in an instant .

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  2. God uses us in the places we often don’t wish to tread….

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  3. Well, you have to do what you are led to do, James, but many would miss you around here for sure.

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  4. Good stuff james,

    but consider maybe:

    The atheists with whom you have engaged will dance in the streets that one more voice has ‘fallen by the wayside,’ thinking a ‘dropout’ is a major victory for godlessness. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

    At least keep your blog on ice. 😉

    And ‘numbers’ are never a sign of success.


    • Atheists like Ark, Zande, and their retarded friend The Recovering Know It All? I haven’t interacted with them or anyone like them in months so nothing will be lost there. And for what they do or think, meh, I don’t care about anything less than that.

      Besides, blog or no blog, my real life ministry work is going as well as it ever has so I am still working tirelessly for The Kingdom.

      Probably putting the blog on ice is what will happen in all actuality, I may get back into it someday, anything is possible.

      Numbers aren’t really the issue either as the blog does better than I ever imagined it would.

      More than anything, I enjoy life off-line much more than on lately.

      Thanks for all the interaction and support CS, it means a lot knowing I have friends out there in cyberspace.


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  5. Amen to both the Shack, I loved the movie and the book, and running in the rain. It is refreshing

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  6. I love the rain and being in person to minister to others. I try to be as intentional of my time online and to turn it off when I need to turn it off. But I totally know what you are talking about, we’ll miss you

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  7. So the heresy in The Shack didn’t bother you?


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