I live in a part of the country known for its extreme weather changes. Only a month ago, we were experiencing temps in the 40s and 50s. When you’re a menopausal woman – or just an old woman for that matter – summer means sweat and lots of it. I never used to sweat when I was younger. Now I’m dousing deodorant twice a day and when I work outside, I can say goodbye to any semblance of a hairdo. Sweat pours out of me like a prize horse, right after winning the Triple Crown, even when I sit still.

As we go through life, things change. Our bodies sag, our hearing fails, our teeth need replacing and many times we lose track of the replacements. Our energy level sinks to a new low. Our daytime hours include naps. Our memories fade. Becoming old isn’t for the faint of heart.

We’re going to hit 90 today. I’m not ready for it. I resist the heat as much as I resist aging. I’ll undoubtedly spend the day inside or at an air-conditioned place. I can refresh myself with a nice tall glass of lemonade or water. By tomorrow it might be back to 60.

When we become uncomfortable in our walk with Christ, we need to take a closer look at Him and realize that He’s the One who brings refreshment to our souls. No matter how difficult our journey – no matter how others affect our walk – no matter how things get in the way – He is there with living water to satisfy our thirst – to wash our sins away and to bring us closer to Him. The problems of this life are trivial when you compare them to the glory of what lies ahead.

Stay thirsty, my friends. His Holy Word will quench the heat of daily problems and refresh you for all eternity.


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  1. this is a song of my people—90 degrees with a 90 percent humidity level–
    plus I like the sagging part—as despite heat or no heat, I am sagging, dripping, falling…and no, none of it is getting up…
    here’s our new line…”I may not always drink beer, but when I’m thirsty, I go for the living waters…..” plus I’m not a big beer drinker ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. About the heat, I can definitely relate. We are a tropical country so warm weather is normal. But it’s summer now and man, do we sweat like there’s no tomorrow!!!

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