If we find little appeal in spending even a few minutes with God now…

I don’t always agree with Matt Walsh but this is good.

John Henry Newman once suggested that our attitude towards church is a pretty good indication of how much we really desire Heaven, and how much we’d actually enjoy it if we went there. As he pointed out, we cannot expect to find happiness in Heaven if we detest going to church, praying, and reading the Bible. If we find religion to be a crashing bore, and are stimulated only by what is selfish and secular, how do we think we’ll fare in a place where the only things we really love are obliterated, and the one thing we always avoid must now be the center of our existence forever?

If all the things that are purely about God in this life are, to us, dull and uninteresting, and all we do is bide our time until we can get back to the TV, then Heaven would be torture. There would be no leaving God to get back to the TV. It would be only God always. If we find little appeal in spending even a few minutes with God now, how can we expect that we’ll find any appeal in spending infinity with Him?


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  1. I’m going to have to disagree with part of his statement. Certainly, if we don’t like spending time with God then we certainly will not like heaven. However, to say that if we don’t like “church” then we also won’t like heaven is something I definitely disagree with.

    Today’s church is nothing more than an event; a show filled with pop star worship leaders and celebrity preachers. It’s like WWF or your favorite concert act with Jesus thrown into the mix. While I certainly could be misinterpreting his statements, to suggest that I must like “church” or I won’t like heaven is quite a stretch.

    Heaven is the closest relationship with God possible. It is the fullest connecting of our spirits to the Father. It is indescribable joy and peace. The only thing that compares to it is the intimate closeness found between a man and a woman. Is the “church” important in understanding heaven? Of course! But not in the institutional way. The church is not an institution or a business. It is a collection of disciples looking to become more like Christ. But to lead one to believe that heaven is a continual church worship service with no end is, in my opinion, not very encouraging. But again, perhaps I am misinterpreting his statements. If so, please correct and forgive me. Thanks!


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