What if God gave you the proof you say you want?

When talking to non-believers, I am often asked asked to provide actual, credible, real world evidence that God exists.

In almost all cases, they demand scientific proof. They say they want tangible, testable evidence that can be verified using the scientific method. Unfortunately for them such a demand in itself is scientifically impossible.

The scientific method is a system of learning that consists of observation, hypothesis, experimentation, prediction, and theory. It is based on logic and observations of the material universe and its properties.

The scientific method, along with a materialistic worldview, by its nature, excludes the observation of transcendent things that exist independent of the universe.

Instead of demanding that God provides some subjective evidence that would be rejected anyway or relying on the false premise that science can ever fully explain how we came to be, maybe skeptics should spend some time thinking about whether or not God cares as much about evidence as He does about whether or not people will submit their lives to Him, admit they are sinners, and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

So, Mr. or Ms. non-believer, if the God of the Bible convinced you of His existence with all the evidence you could ever ask for, would you fully obey and serve Him?


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