Biological non-change is an obvious fact


“Expectation colored perception to such an extent that the most obvious single fact about biological evolution–nonchange–has seldom, if ever, been incorporated into anyone’s scientific notions of how life actually evolves. If ever there was a myth, it is that evolution is a process of constant change.”

(Niles Eldredge, Myths of Human Evolution, 1982, 8)

*Eldrege is an evolutionist, not a Christian with an agenda.

Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould proposed punctuated equilibria in 1972. Punctuated equilibrium is a refinement to evolutionary theory. It describes patterns of descent taking place in “fits and starts” separated by long periods of stability.

Eldredge went on to develop a hierarchical vision of evolutionary and ecological systems. Around this time, he became focused on the rapid destruction of many of the world’s habitats and species.

Throughout his career, he has used repeated patterns in the history of life to refine ideas on how the evolutionary process actually works. Eldredge is proponent of the importance of environment in explaining the patterns in evolution.


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