Church Growth

Saw one of those church growth ads on Facebook this morning that was all about the numbers? This was a thoughtful comment I found refreshing:

“This ad clearly equates ‘growing’ a church with numbers, getting folks in the door and keeping them. Therefore the ‘church’ growth alluded to is clearly unbiblical, since Jesus said He would build His church. Solid and Biblical expository preaching would do far more for genuine church growth than the numbers game. Numbers might even decrease, but genuine Christianity would benefit greatly.”


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  1. Makes me think of, “lies, damned lies, and statistics “.

    Church numbers can mean whatever one wants them to mean but you make a good point about the true church here.


    • If the numbers ‘reported’ refer to those who professed that they repented of their sin and believed on Christ, they mean much more than if they refer to those who ‘gave their hearts to Jesus’ because the preacher told them that Jsus died to fulfill their dreams.


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