The Gospel message is so beautiful in its simplicity.  Our human minds want it to be more.  We want to be able to wrap our intelligence around it and figure it out, but God is so awesome, He’s already done that for us.

Jesus was tired from a long day of preaching.  His disciples held back the crowds so their brother could catch His breath, but that didn’t stop the kids.  They were just as eager as their adult counterparts to see this man who did miracles and spoke amazing stories.  They wanted to be involved.  Jesus chastised His followers for turning them away by saying, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God.”

In that statement, God is telling us that He’s available for everyone all the time.  We don’t need to be Bible scholars or have brilliant minds.  We don’t need to figure it out, all we need to do is believe – to have faith in Him.  Our relationship with God should be like that of little children.  They were eager to hear, enthusiastic in their approach and fearless in their desire to be part of hearing the Savior’s words.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or a nuclear physicist.  All it requires of us is the simplicity of faith – believing in something we can’t see, but being confident of its existence.  God doesn’t look at our wisdom or our good works and say – “OK, you’re in!”  He tells us to have the faith of a little child and we will surely inherit His kingdom.

It’s so easy – so uncomplicated – so perfect!  Yes, Jesus loves me!!


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  1. Plus, the faith of children can be so pure because adults have not yet told them they are wrong!


  2. Of course, the children were enthusiastic and indoctrination was not a factor because there was nothing much more to understand or believe in those ancient times. No scientific explanations for natural events existed only gullible beliefs in gods.


    • Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really faith has nothing to do with science or indoctrination .


      • Well if you continue to insist to the world that the Bible is a factual account of history and faith in a god is the reality of life while you indoctrinate children with your ideology through regular preaching in schools, churches and homes it does not only conflict with recognised scientific evidence based facts, but also alienates a large portion of society that is becoming larger and more vocal.
        Science has for a long time has identified that the indoctrination process may disadvantage children into their adulthood. Many studies have shown positive effects of religion and spirituality on mental health, but there are also plenty of examples of negative impacts, therefore, why would you take this risk with children’s lives?
        Neuroscience has also identified how spirituality is a much more dynamic concept that seems to show certain parts of the brain play more predominant roles, but they all work together to facilitate individuals’ spiritual experiences and these spiritual practices can actually change the brain itself.


        • Sorry, I’m not getting dragged into your philosophy.


          • Kathy, you are smart. Steve there is a colossal waste of time, and offers nothing but broad sweeping assertions that he refuses to back up. This quote of his proves his complete ineptitude.

            “Science has for a long time has identified that the indoctrination process may disadvantage children into their adulthood.”

            He offers “science” as proof of his God rejection, yet actually fails to understand the word he uses. Science does nothing; science is a process. Science is NOT some entity that comes to conclusions; it is the PROCESS by which humans come to conclusions. These may or may not be correct conclusions.

            Steve likes to toss around the “science” card to prove he is really smart, and Christians are really stupid.

            Yet, all he offers to any conversation is broad sweeping assertions, and never a single pieces of his so called scientific proof, peer reviewed studies, or any of the other stuff the “real thinkers” like him believe in.

            The truth is, Steve is more religious than either of us.

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          • Philosophy of science is a branch of philosophy concerned with the foundations, methods, and implications of science. Scientific innovations, the evidence and facts are reality and not just a philosophy. Science deals exclusively in finding answers, questioning and retesting their theories many times.

            From your comment, it suggests you were schooled that your ideology has all the true science and historical facts that you need to know.

            I am not going to argue with you, but it makes me quite sad and unbelieving to absorb the fact that someone actually led you to believe real scientific discoveries are nothing more than a philosophy. As an elderly woman who obviously has used new technology and knows man has landed on the moon and that was all initiated by real science, are you not motivated enough to actually check out how and why you have been seriously misled for such a long time?

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            • It makes me sad too, to think that our children are being fed information on tolerance for every kind of life style, evolution, bullying for their beliefs and on and on. This is happening in our schools today. Science, in my belief, was instituted by God. It proves divine intervention in every area, including math, art, design. I don’t like arguing either. So don’t push an old lady around with your ideas. I am what I am and I will always stand firm in what I believe.

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        • I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone, by the way. I’m merely stating mine in hopes that others would find the same peace in life and hope in death. It’s their choice to accept or demy.


  3. I am not really smart Wally, believe me, and when did I say Christians are really stupid? I must reject your allegation on that question and your claim that science is simply a human conclusion. Science must be much more than that, because just about everything in technology and everything we understand about the human body, space and our planet etc. all comes from science and most of it is not simply written off as a “human conclusion”, they must be getting a whole lot right.

    Is this “human conclusion” what you teach children about science? Science is a bastion of human intelligence, innovation and technology, and what is increasingly becoming the saviour of our future existence. Amen.


    • Don’t push my friend around either. Your fancy words exude intelligence, but you’re not really convincing either one of us of anything. So don’t waste your time and ours.

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    • Steve

      Yes, your entire demeanor is that if Christians simply had some sense, we would reject our faith. For you to deny this is….well…nonsense.

      Science is a process. By definition. It makes no conclusions. That is fact. It provides data. Humans draw conclusions from that data. Fact.

      BTW, your snide “amen” comment reveals your true heart here Steve.

      Now, I won’t clog Kathy’s place arguing with you, because frankly you make little or no sense when you engage.


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  4. I am at a loss. I do not push people around, I just like to challenge your beliefs just as I like being challenged by basic religious ideologies. I am an older man and this helps my brain stay sharper and gives me an interest in writing, because you know the old story of “use it or lose it”. My motivation is to try and offer something different to persons like yourself who have been encased within the Christian web of faith for so long.

    And please let me ask, why do you put your beliefs on a public forum if you cannot take criticism or different ideas and beliefs? Wally seems to always get uptight about me saying anything and he accuses me of bullying. You Americans it seems are easily upset or you are not very confident of yourselves.

    Even though you dislike me, take some advice from an easy going Australian, and that advice is take it easy, or chill out as the teens say. Do not take everything so dammed serious. For example, my amen was used because I thought ‘so be it’ but you automatically grab it as a snide comment. Maybe your job is getting to you Wally. Oh, Just joking.

    You say “Humans draw conclusions from that data. Fact.” Maybe some humans do this and it is likely many scientists have only a hypothesis and personal opinion, however the real scientific legitimacy is drawn from investigation, analysation, multiple scientific tests and major retesting of what is often unquestionable established evidence by multiple scientists, that is also a fact.

    These sites make good reading and where my earlier comments on the brain came from. I thought I had attached them before.


    • I will defend my faith on any forum. I am also appalled that giving our children God’s Word and teachings would be conceived as brainwashing. The ideology of the world is dangerous. Giving kids tools for life is a defense for them, not a detriment. I do not dislike you. I don’t even know you, in fact I think you might find mire satisfaction in getting to know my God, especially in these latter years of life. He has given me hope for a future. He could do the same for you.


      • I understand your defence of your faith, but You go on to state that “the ideology of the world is dangerous” This suggests you believe the world is not safe for children and you will provide the tools for life as a defence for them. This is admirable; however, children should also be protected from being repetitiously subjected to mind altering religious and political ideologies by intentioned adults.

        I thank you for the invitation to know your God, but I do not require any assistance to give me hope for the future. As I have become older, more analytical or worldly wise you could call it, I seriously have no doubt that all religious beliefs are myths manifested within the mind and have evolved over time with the human race.


        • I think we should end this discussion with one thought. If children are living in an unsafe place, they should be given tools that help them fend off danger. You seem to believe that intellect and the brain is all you need. I prefer to rely on my God’s omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. I do not regret giving these gifts to my children. I never pounded these things into their heads either. They chose to accept by their own free will just as you have chosen science. I will continue to hope that one day you will accept God’s hand in your life, especially as you approach the end of it. The thought of nothingness after life would leave me hopeless.


        • Your words Sklyd-

          ‘ALL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ARE MYTHS.’ Caps for emphasis and clarity. And I’ll repeat so you can experience the utter absurdity and lie of such a statement:


          Now then, let’s take a quick peek of this alleged ‘myth’ of this ‘ALL’ religion thing and mythology. Let’s see how scripture defines ‘RELIGION’ and not you. Let’s see if your insane comment can pass the scrutiny of common sense.

          In the good book of James: ‘Pure RELIGION and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit the Fatherless and widows in their affliction…………………..’

          So sir, do tell, WHERE is the myth? Surely you would not throw out a visitor of a widow or person without a father because they are bringing myths? Surely you have an ounce of compassion? Surely God has equipped you with a drop of common sense?

          Or is your heart so cold and callous that you would reject the goodwill of this religious act? You see, scripture answers perfectly to our ignorance and shuts our mouths. Every time.

          So no, all religions are not equal, and ALL are not myths. But maybe when you are old and all alone, you may understand the value of a visit from a believer who is simply a good person tending to the solitariness and hurt of one who has lost their love or hope.

          So perhaps an apology from you, here now, in front of a world wide audience, admitting that no, all religious beliefs are not myths.

          Christianity stands apart. Alone. The grace of God has no competitor.

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          • ‘ALL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ARE MYTHS.’ Take this statement as a fact and please Great Odin let it sink in between CS ears.

            Religious belief definition: refers to attitudes towards mythological, supernatural, or spiritual aspects of a religion. Religious belief is distinct from religious practice or religious behaviours with some believers not practicing religion and some practitioners not believing religion. Quote from Wikipedia.

            You can quote whatever you like from the Bible but it does not help you in any way nor does it change what religious beliefs are, or make you sound like you have any common sense at all.

            Your words: “But maybe when you are old and all alone, you may understand the value of a visit from a believer who is simply a good person tending to the solitariness and hurt of one who has lost their love or hope.” Of course, in your opinion the world without Christian morals is incapable of compassion.

            You may make a claim that Christianity is exclusive but just like any of the modern religions it has borrowed, copied, stolen, adapted and butchered ideas from earlier religions.

            You should crawl back into your hole with people like the flat earth believers and the moon landing deniers and apologise for your ignorance in what religious belief is, and while you are about it confirm it is all a myth.


    • Steve. Good grief. I don’t mind being challenged, I am not uptight about it, and I find your thoughts totally unchallenging. My beef with you is your broad sweeping assertions of things backed by “science says,” and “atheists feel,” and such. It is actually YOU that gets uptight when challenged to back your opinions. I freely admit mine are backed by the Word of God, and feel now shame in that whatsoever. At least I back mine with something besides my opinion.

      Also, noted this in your study LOL

      “This might also explain the fact that both non-religious as well as some religious individuals have smaller hippocampal volumes.”

      That study didn’t even pretend to make the case the religion causes the brain to shrink, but stresses associated with certain aspects of certain affiliations.

      Interesting. And nice try

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