The Bible tells me so is sufficient to prove the truthfulness of Christianity

Interesting reading on whether or not the Bible should be excluded from apologetics.

To say that man can reason correctly and cogently apart from having the Bible at the foundation of his thinking sets man up as the standard and the judge over what is true and what is not true; he becomes the ultimate epistemological authority and not the Bible. Such a situation is obviously abhorrent to God, who proclaims Himself as the ultimate authority of the universe and condemns man’s quest for independence and intellectual self-sufficiency (1 Sam 2:3; Prov 1:7; Isa 40:25; Rom 10:9; 14:9; Phil 2:11; 2 C or 10:5) .

Furthermore, such a method of arguing with the unbeliever virtually encourages his rejection of the Bible: if the unbeliever is allowed to make the decision independent of God and according to his own standards (which are sinful and depraved), then he certainly will conclude against God’s Word. Even if the unbeliever did accept God’s word after such a process of reasoning, that does not alleviate the problem. Note the insightful words of C.S. Lewis: “The trial may even end in God’s acquittal. But the important thing is that man is on the bench and God is in the dock.”

The Master’s Seminary Journal (Spring 2001) pg 78


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  1. Wow I’m pleasantly surprised you read this article. I appreciated this article a few years back. The writer is Dr. Kruger who is now the president of Reformed Theological Seminary North Carolina Campus. I appreciate how many writings and lectures including apologetics, the canon of Scripture and New Testament studies. Over the years we’ve shared some other resources from Dr. Kuger on our blog as well:

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