We buy the latest fashions, even though we really should stick to something that looks  better on us. We expect our children to be perfect, forgetting they are human and so are we.  We plan elaborate vacations in hopes of having a great experience, only to wind up at the Bates Motel surrounded by cockroaches and Norman.

The truth is, we won’t experience perfection on this side of eternity.  Things get in the way – unexpected things – things that take away our joy.

So how do we find joy in the every day things?  If you have small children, start by spending time with them.  The dishes may not get done, the bills go unpaid, the house is in chaos, but you are experiencing something you will not have available to you in a few years.  So those other things can wait.  Your child can’t.

Instead of carting your teens here and there to participate in one event or another, spend  time in your car listening to them.  They really have important  things to say and you might just learn a thing or two about their needs and wants.  Some of my best time with my kids was spent talking in the car.

If your nest is empty, take time to enjoy a sunset with your spouse.  If your spouse is no longer in your life, enjoy the sunset by yourself.  As you grow older, your eyes will fail and you may not be able to see the glory of God’s artistry again.

My point is this.  We should never get so wrapped up in the busyness of living that we forget to actually live.  The little things may seem little now, but they will grow into wonderful memories someday and the may even turn into big things.


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  1. Kathy, I will say AMEN to all these. Have a blessed week.

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  2. That was really great, Made me feel really relaxed actually

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  3. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Are we so busy “living,” that we forget to “live?”
    Great words of wisdom here from Kathy
    Blessings and enjoy!

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  4. Amen to your last paragraph

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