10 tough questions for Christians


When you read that headline you probably thought this was going to be about defending the faith or that it would ask you ten questions Christians have a hard time answering.

Sorry to disappoint but this is going to instead ask you ten questions you can easily, but may not want to, answer.

1.  Is your spiritual life apathetic, joyless, and passionless?

2.  Do you have at least one sin you refuse to repent of?

3.  Do you have at least one person you refuse to forgive?

4.  Do you love and seek God less than you once did?

5.  Are the words of your mouth displeasing to God and dishonorable to others?

6.  Do you see no evidence of answered prayer or the power of God at work in your life?

7.  Do you have time for entertainment but not for Bible study?

8.  Do you let pride, worry, or fear stop you from obeying what God has told you to do?

9.  Does your family see you behave one way at church and another at home?

10. Is your worship of God half-hearted and mediocre?

From the War Room Bible study guide by Steven and Alex Kendrick


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