The icy grip of the world has taken hold of many churches of our day, causing some to accommodate the politically correct or those who want nothing more than to feel good.  We must be on guard to make sure that the church is following God’s Holy Word.

Many folks have a difficult time with some of the concepts and teachings of the Bible.  For example, no one likes to hear about their sin. Some tend to think that sin was designed to keep us in line through guilt. The idea of a world flood is unimaginable even though we see the power of God in the weather every day.   It’s inconceivable that a virgin could give birth.  It’s impossible for a man to return to life after suffering a brutal, horrendous death. We find it difficult to understand that God actually spoke to people in the early days of history.

The Bible is really a manual for life and it was written by God Himself through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Old Testament is filled with stories of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.  It shows how man cannot save himself from damnation and a cruel punishment in hell.  It also gives hope for a Savior and has over 300 prophesies about Him which were fulfilled in the little town of Bethlehem.

Lord, I am so grateful for a church that remains based in your Holy Word.  Each passage can take on new meaning in any of my circumstances.  Thank you for inspiring men with your Holy Spirit, keeping your words alive and the lines of communication open to you.  I know this is how you talk to us today.  By giving us this beautiful book, you have drawn me closer to you each day.  Amen!


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  1. Kathy, we praise the Lord for His Word, the truth that has stood the test of time, has endured throughout generations and is powerful to change lives. Thank you for your post. Have a blessed week.

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